Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Have you ever thought of publishing your own  MLM  News Letter Online? If you are in an  MLM  business writing your own newsletter online can be a great way to get new leads and offer training to your group and other people in general. Let’s look at this idea a little closer. Usually the  MLM  program with the most  MLM  leads is considered the fastest growing business. That makes sense because new prospects are the lifeblood of every successful business. To get more leads you have to ramp up your  MLM  marketing efforts.

This can involve everything from Internet advertising such as, classified and solo ads in ezines to offline advertising like, business cards and newspaper ads. Another opportunity that most people will not think of is publishing their own  MLM  newsletter online as a form of outreach.

You need not worry with doing all of the creative writing yourself. There is no end of people writing articles that you can use for free as long as you keep their bio box at the end in tact. You can find those on numerous Internet article directories that allow you to copy and paste the author’s articles on your own site. Just remember to give credit to the contributing writer.

With this in mind you only really need 3 things to make an  MLM  newsletter online worth your time.

1. You need subscribers.

2. You need a way to contact them.

3. You need a template to plug information into that you can call your newsletter.

All of these can be quickly and easily done using an Autoresponder company such as AWeber of GetResponse. These companies will allow promoting your  MLM  newsletter online and allow others to subscribe by email.

All you do is promote your email address. You do not even need a website if you don’t want one. Now many  MLM  companies are hooking up with media companies that offer splash pages that you can use to promote your business and tie back to your newsletter if you prefer to do it this way. Contacting your subscribers is quick because you already have their name and email address when they subscribe. You can email them anytime for years to come with the click of one button.

Getting a template for your  MLM  newsletter online can be quick too. Once you lay it out the way you want all you do is copy and paste it into your Autoresponder. Then you paste in whatever your current subject matter that describes the issue. Copying and pasting is the hardest part of it. After you do it a couple of times you will see how easy it is to publish your own  MLM  newsletter online. Every subscriber then becomes a potential lead for your business.

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Source by Aubrey Richardson