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 MLM  success stories are great tools that we can use to better our businesses. These stories are used in a variety of ways to help boost morale, knowledge, and creativity and keep us trying to be successful. These stories are often enriching to the spirit. They are known to reduce retention losses by 5% or more. Now that is an impressive figure, 5%. Imagine keeping members in your downlines because of a success story that they can relate too. The power stems from the personal experience that each of us have experienced. There are great tales to tell but there are things that will never happen in these stories.

 MLM  success stories no matter how small they are can play a significant role in your business. They are tools that you should be using to help foster relationships with non-members and members alike. They are able to influence decisions on different levels. Some people may think they are ego boosters and in a way, they are but for the true marketer, they are tools to seduce, recruit and to build up their business. What kind of success are you having? The individual stories that you have read or shared will be shared often. The content of the story is the most important aspect to consider but first the 10 things in  MLM  success stories that should never happen.

Ten Things that will not happen in  MLM  Success Stories

1. Falsehoods

2. Millionaire Secrets

3. Give you a longer life

4. Increase stress

5. Make you a secret agent

6. Make someone fall in love with you

7. Magic Potion formulas

8. Make you a millionaire

9. Teach you to cheat the system

10. Make you beautiful or handsome

As you read on through this small list, you will never believe the notions that some people have for  MLM .  MLM  is an industry, just as the automotive industry but folks can be misinformed or confused to the benefits of the business. Just like any type of content that you come across the internet, you will have to consider the facts before you make a final judgment.

The  MLM  success stories should always be transparent, reflecting the truth of the events that lead to the success. Even the smallest level of success can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Such examples include first sales, recruiting your first member or even the successful creation of your website. You will come across many stories but they will not make you a wealthy overnight or give you the secret to eternal youth.

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Source by David L. Feinstein