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The average person in the United States will works about 500 solid months before retiring at the rip age of 65. That’s a person who works 9 – 5 for 40-50 years as basically a working slave.

80% of those who retire, not to the good lifestyle but to minimum existence. Where the biggest thrill is the once a visit to the all you can eat buffet restaurant, which doggy bag of good eats will sustain their meager existence.

Really take a look at someone who doing what you do, but for 20 years longer. What is their life like? Can they retire? Do they look like they enjoy life or has life beaten them down?

Now, ask yourself if someone offered me a million dollars to work 24 hours a day for 15 years? Would you do it? Think about it now… You have to work 24 hours a day… Is it possible? No, it’s not is it? Basically that’s what is wrong with to 40-50 work model, it’s NOT sustainable. Someday, it will fail apart on you and you will be left out in the cold.

The New Rich lifestyle is a much different model. The New Rich believe in building a life filled “mini-retirements” in which dreams are lives in actionable events. This requires people redefine their work roles, to eliminate time burdens, to automate daily tasks and to create spaces of escape time. This model allows people to work 2 months and take a 1 month off, and repeat.

Here’s Key Mind Sets:

1. Retirement Is The Worst-case-scenario… It requires putting things off for years that could be experiences now. The “Someday I’ll” mind set is a life killer. It’s bittersweet ending to live the rest of your days on potatoes and hot dogs.

2. Less is NOT Laziness… Doing work for work sake and filling you day with meaningless task is laziness. Developing a efficient and effective plan the allows you to work the minimum number of hours a week is an ideal existence.

3. Timing is Never Right… Get rid of the “Someday I’ll” mindset and make actionable steps to achieve your dreams. Figure out how much they cost and set-up a plan to achieve them.

4. Money Is NOT a Solution It’s and excuse. There are ways to live a millionaires lifestyle on a middle class income. Break the rules and find a way to do what your want.

5. Focus On Strengths… No one is good at everything. In most cases they are not good at most things.

Use other people skills to benefit you. This is a process called outsourcing. Learn to outsource your life.

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Source by G Allan Roberts