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Smartphones are more versatile than PC, easier to carry than laptop, more advanced than mobile phones and yet it is as big as a high end cellular phone. They are devices which are crammed with features and every model packs a punch for its user.


Smartphones are feature rich devices. In fact the major onus for their popularity goes to their ability to support so many features in one compact size. From Wi-Fi enabled services to browsing internet, from receiving and sending mails to downloading information from the internet, you can do it all in one sleek device.


Smartphones have looks to die for. They come in trendy designs and lustrous feel that can very well turn on the swashbucklers at heart. Some of them have integrated keypads, some sliding keyboards while others have detachable keyboards. Most of them have stylus for easy navigation on the large screen.


These mean machines are experiencing a steady decline in their costs. As per the analysts, Smartphones are getting better and cheaper. The hi-tech market research firm In-Stat/MDR predicts that the shipment of Smartphones are expected to increase by 50% approximately over the coming years. In fact, it is also due to decreasing costs, we see a sharp increase in the popularity of Smartphones.


Smartphones are gaining immense popularity day by day. You will get cool features like e-mail, multimedia messaging, camera, games, video and music player, and much more – all into one sleek gadget. Combined with such features, falling prices and smaller handsets, the boost in popularity is quite predictable. Smartphones, initially, had a slow take off due to many factors like cost, size and limited battery life. But with recent models, these gadgets are again climbing the charts steeply.

Some of the major players providing Smartphones are HTC, Samsung etc.

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Source by Adrian Phillip