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Herbalife International

Herbalife International was started by Mark Hughes way back in 1980, while he was just 24. He was hurt to see how his mother resorted to all measures, including amphetamines, in order to control her weight. This triggered his desire to market weight management products from the trunk of his car. In 1988 itself, Hughes managed to rake in a million dollars sale for Herbalife.

The basic idea behind Herbalife is that it is focused on providing solutions to health issues arising due to an improper diet and absence of exercise. It has a wide range of products for health conscious people coupled with a chance to improve your finances.

So what are these products?

Herbalife International has a wide array of organic vitamin supplements, beauty and weight loss products. Taking into account the nutritional requirements of women, a special range of products has been created too. Many satisfied consumers vouch for the credibility of the company’s wellness product range. They feel energetic, relieved from arthritis, inflammatory diseases and also lost weight where required.

Who sells these products?

Herbalife International invites people from all occupations to join their wide distributor network spread in over 64 countries. You can join through a Herbalife Sponsor. The Sponsor provides training the distributor and guides him in attaining the sales targets. Right now, the company boasts of around 1.8 million distributors worldwide.

How does it work?

The business model of Herbalife International can be called a breakaway compensation model, which is a bit ambiguous. Distributors are appointed for the direct sales of the company’s products. When a distributor achieves a particular level of compensation, he breaks away from the original sponsor. Due to this, the sponsor’s earnings are lessened as he will now get a lesser percentage of the group sales. The original sponsor thus has to find new recruits in order to maintain his percentage of the sales achieved.

Can I profit from this opportunity?

You can always join as a distributor. The initial costs are a little high, so you should think twice before joining. Moreover, some distributors complain that the products of Herbalife International are costly as compared to the other well known brands which cost lesser. The quality is remarkable though. A long list of contacts is needed when you start out with this business. If you can approach your friends, family and other acquaintances confidently with the products, then no one can stop you from being successful.

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