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When you think of a Home-Based Business what comes to mind?

The most common answer is MLM. (Multi-Level-Marketing) We pretty much know all about them or have joined at least one of these companies in the past. But what’s missing from them? Put simply, you will take up to much time running the business and not enough time living life, and Enjoying Life More is the goal right?

What DO Really You Want?

Pretty simple question don’t you think? What do you want…retire, travel, or shop? Buy a new car, house, or boat? What do you like to do for fun? Write a list down, put as many things in there as possible. Keep this list on your fridge, computer or bedroom door. Somewhere you can see it frequently.

Make it a goal to do at least 3 of them every week. Shop, golf and bush-walking…whatever you call fun start doing it now!

How can a Home-based Business make this happen for you?

Simple…Home businesses provide independence with unlimited income earning potential. There is a 3-step process I use personally use to operate my business.


2.Manage Leads


That’s it. How long does this take me everyday? About 2-3 hours 4 days per week. What do I do for the rest of the day? Well anything I want, as long as it’s fun.

And YOU can too.

Does it matter which Home Business you run/join?

There are definitely companies that offer better personal training and products then others. I have personally been involved with a few MLM companies before. They have great products and good training. However now I realise most companies and those who joined them were 98% focused on whether they could sell the products and not interested in the system itself.

What’s the system then?

The system is a process each company uses to sell / operate / re-produce the business. Meaning that they have compiled a certain successful formula that enables anyone who involves themselves with the business can also be successful. Each company has a different system but basically follows a simple rulebook. Allowing every business owner to massively increase the chances of success.

The Importance of using the system and becoming a leader…

Becoming a Leader will also increase you chances of success when working from home, or in any business you start. Being a Leader provides others with an example and restores hope that success does happen to many of us everyday. Its important to be a leader and act like one as people will be basing decisions on your success. Make yourself available to help others everyday, and money will flow back to you in many ways. Do this by including fun and your income will truly explode into new heights.

How do I run the business by including Fun?

Or how do I have fun when running my business? This may be a hard concept to accept because making money has been always been hard work. You know what I mean? How can you make money without having to work hard for it?

Run a Home business and follow the system, listen to the leaders, do what they do, and make sure you have fun along the way and keep it simple. Companies like these make leaders out of normal employee minded people.

How can YOU use a Business to Invest into Property or Shares?

Even though this article is not about investing into property or shares many of us are aware of the importance of investing into such assets. Another motivator for starting a business would be increasing your income in order to borrow more so you can invest. I recommend that you educate yourself before you do any investing, but starting a business can be an excellent way to build the must-needed cash flow.

Points to remember…

·Make sure you have fun when operating your business

·Make a list of fun activities you will be doing and place the list on your fridge so you can see them all the time

·Join a Business that has a system in place and offers personal training

·Once you have a business and creating the income you desire, you can now invest the cash flow into property or shares to maximize your wealth creation

·Continue educating yourself – read books, buy training courses, go to seminars etc

Most Importantly…remember you are the Leader of your own life. Believe you deserve more out of life and stop at nothing to make it come true.

To all your future success,

Mick Lawley

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Source by Mick Lawley