Get LEADS On Autopilot!

What is a list and why would you want to build one? In offline terms, a list is simply a feedback list of customer’s names you’ve collected by whichever means you’ve marketed yourself. It is similar online, but you use a different collection approach and different tools, that’s all. I’ll explain more in this article:

1. You need to build a list because people don’t tend to buy from you the first time they go to your page, so you need to keep offering them your product. Your aim is to develop a trusting relationship from sending valuable information bulletins, by email, to your subscribers. Then, as you gain their trust, they will become buying customers.

2. Keep offering and publishing compelling, valuable information online. For example, write articles about hot topics, or you could write a product review. Now, set about creating content, not forgetting to add your biography at the end. Post this to relevant sites, forums, and other online media; anywhere where your target audience surfs. At the end of your post, always have a subtle link directing readers to your landing page.

3. Use your list properly. Don’t just keep throwing your product in their face, or you’ll risk turning them away forever. You need to provide them with valuable information and content that will assist them in improving their lifestyles. Now you can discreetly place a link to your site at the end of your message. Use your list as a primary tool for building up the trusting relationship mentioned earlier.

4. Your online presence will grow and mature. As long as you keep getting more information published, your presence online will grow, and so too will your list. This will only happen though, provided you stick to writing the high quality, compelling information that your target audience desperately needs.

5. Back linking. Another added benefit of expanding you online presence is that search engines and other sites will gradually pick up on your fresh content, and you’ll accrue links back to your site organically.

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Source by Ian Jackson