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New at  MLM  article writing for lead generation? My Coach did a great job of telling me why, how, how long, and how often, but here are a few things that were missed. I was led to believe it was extremely simple. Well, it is, IF you know the RULES!

1. Following Guidelines; this one is Big. You Must read the guidelines FIRST.

2. No Segment Articles; this is in the guidelines but easily missed.

3. Watch all the Training Videos SECOND; some directories don’t have them.

4. Be VERY CAREFUL of your Links; Each directory has its own limitations.

5. Avoid using Hard Sell in the Body of your Article; Keep it in the Resource Box.

6. You Will get rejected; Avoid taking it personally!

1. I read a Blog by my coach that got me all pumped up about  MLM  article writing so I just jumped in. After getting all 10 of my articles rejected for one infraction or another, I spent a couple of hours going over the guidelines. Had I done that first, I could have saved myself a great deal of time and confusion and saved the poor people who must really get tired of editing the ridiculous mistakes I made.

2. I thought just because  MLM  blogs were written in segments (Part I, Part II, etc.) that it was acceptable for articles. It’s NOT! I would write a 1500 page article and break it into three parts. You guessed it: Rejected! I had to go back and make EACH segment a complete stand alone-article. More time wasted!

3. If training Videos are available on the first directory you choose they are VERY VALUABLE! I learned a Tremendous number of Little Tips from the Videos; Saving myself a lot of TIME! – More time for my  MLM  Business!

4. My coach had quite a few links in his blogs so I put TOO MANY in my article. AND I put them in the wrong place. You MUST be very careful of Affiliate Links; they are allowed but there is a PROCESS to it. This goes back to number 1: Read the Guidelines FIRST.

5. If you make your article all about hard sell or enticement for readers to BUY what you are selling, you’ll be rejected. Your article MUST be of VALUE; by teaching, informing, HELPING the reader in some way. Hopefully, as This article does. And never Suggest they must go elsewhere to get more of the same information.

6. Even if you follow all these suggestions, there’s a good chance you’ll be Rejected for some small infraction. Just fix it and Resubmit. It certainly isn’t Personal. It just means you’re learning!

Sounds like a LOT to remember! When you are brand new to  MLM  Business and/or Article Writing, it is! BUT, the more you tackle article writing, the easier it gets. The Guidelines are your greatest resource.

One last Point – Remember T P M S – T stands for Topic: Pick one BEFORE you start to write. P stands for Purpose: Have one in mind before you begin. M stands for Meat (or Main idea): Make it concise and to the point. S stands for Supporting ideas: Without them you create confusion.

There you have it. I hope your first experience with article writing is much more enjoyable than mine was and Time Saving, too.

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Source by Teri Oles