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My  MLM  Hot Prospecting Tip #7 is quite simply this: The more you say, the more you’re required to say.

I see many people fall into the trap of saying too much — especially with product sales. This can become a predicament the more you are chattering away about you, your company or your product. Then what you’re really doing is moving away from what you should be talking about, which is what the prospect wants to achieve. The moment you stray from talking with a prospect about what he wants, then you get yourself into trouble.

Let’s say you’re talking to a prospect about business, and the person says something like, “Tell me about it.” You should use that question as your entrance into saying, “I’m going to send you some additional information.” Think of it as an advance toward meeting with them, inviting them on a conference call or having them watch a video.

A lot of people try to present their  MLM  business over the phone, and personally I feel that’s difficult for one main reason — your credibility level is unknown to your prospect. A person on the phone who is prospecting doesn’t have much credibility. So instead, use a video or a book with high credibility that will give you extra credibility. Otherwise you have negative credibility.

You will always say the right amount if you’re interested and if you’ve really listened to your prospect. The huge trap for someone who is doing it wrong is to be constantly talking. Whereas a very effective person will listen and listen and listen until they fully understand what would perfectly solve their prospect’s problem and then only communicate that. A trustworthy indication that you’re either talking too much or not saying enough is if your prospect doesn’t have any interest.

If you feel like you’re falling into the trap, ask the questions and then get back to being interested. Basically, you want to say very little. Start by using the Inviting Formula exactly. Then, listen to live calls on Professional Inviter so you can hear how effective phone calls sound.

If you get that rare person on the phone that is very knowledgeable, then ask them questions like, “What have you tried that worked? What have you tried that didn’t work?” That way you’re not doing the talking so much as asking questions.

Remember, sometimes less is more, particularly when it comes to tipping your hand about your  MLM  business too early on in the process. Keep it focused, stay interested in your prospect, and you are on your way to  MLM  success.

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Source by Tim Sales