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I was flying back from the Seminar that was held in Orlando for Strategic profits and I was so Pumped up about getting to a Million Dollar Annual Earning with my online business. I couldn’t get the Darn smirk off of my face, every time that I thought about my future I couldn’t help but smile like a wacko?

Fast Forward a year and I write this in front of my Florida Pool Home that rests on the Beautiful Gulf of Mexico and the west coast of Florida. It wasn’t always this great, you know the same year we broke the million mark we were still in Bankruptcy, after we lost our Dream Home, and two investment properties in WV. We got caught up in the massive real estate boom and bought a 400K home in Orlando, when the market had people flipping houses in a month for more than 100K. When we had to sell six months later the market had gone belly Up!

I knew that I had a decision to make after battling with my own financial demise, losing my home, and going back to being a renter. The choice that most people make would have been make excuses, get a lame job, get by, and blame everyone around me for not doing better, or maybe I could take a totally refreshing but strenuous road that would be one of Passion and Determination to go after my God Given right to the American Dream. I knew that I couldn’t live my life on a measly salary of 90k and raise my family to the standard that they deserved.

I prayed a great deal, I read many books, such as Think and Grow Rich, Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, and the Law of Attraction by Michael Losier.

All of these resources pointed me in the direction of Internet marketing but where to start>>

So,So So many Ebooks and gimmicks seems like you can get rich in 10 Billion Different Ways. The truth is that there are thousands of vehicles to use if you want to make a living off the Internet. It is really an incredible time to celebrate the Future and Realize that we can all have a quality of life, that we long for, with improving our income and working less hours.

OK, I Went on a complete information about making money on the Internet Binge!! I mean bad, bad, stuff, I was buying up Ebooks faster than I could read them and I just knew I would find the silver bullet to my Internet Empire.

I learned a great deal about Affiliate Marketing , and I am actually making over 250K from just my nice business’s on the net. The best thing about the tremendous amount of E Book Gurus you quickly realize that there are only so many ways to say, find what people want, market it, and promote the hell out of it!

That sounds really simplistic, but its totally true, I know because Spent Thousands on Internet marketing products, and courses.

I had all these ideas and making $20 a sale deals going on but nothing was really making a killing. You have to keep up on 50 different websites to make 6 Figures on the Internet, so if your currently making 30K per year than you probably think that’s great, but believe me, you need to get into the 7 figure income group to truly enjoy the finer things. Imagine getting tickets to Disney and the Superbowl in the same weekend. Imagine having backstage VIP passes to cut all the lines at Disney and then Royal treatment from the hotels, and restaurants that identified us as VIP, then the best part of the whole trip was having my family fly in a private chartered jet to all our destinations. If you have never chartered a plane before, you need to get that on to your Bucket List.

I was luck enough to get an email from someone about the Reverse Funnel System back in November, and I was doing really well with my Niche Business that was taking off, Big Time. I wasn’t sure about the sales page, with this guy sitting by the pool with his laptop in Hawaii. I started doing some serious research about the business and the amazing thing was that Nothing Negative was out there. That’s almost unheard of for a network marketing company, even the most incredulous people will have something bad to say when they are the reason for their failure. Even though there are folks that have nor made it, they know that it is totally on them to be successful.

The really cool part about that is when you take 100% responsibility for all your results and outcomes in life you are able to be more introspective. This in turn allows you to be closer to the real YOU, That may seem strange but most of us are far away from our true identity, we are actors at work always, and with friends mostly, family this varies in terms of the strength and bonds with your loved ones. Everyone will strive to be their true self but as life goes on we tend to become complacent with our surroundings.

There was a great survey that was done at Yale, and it basically looked at two groups of people and how there income was related to there true passions and how closely your career mirrored your passions.

Inevitably the results were that people who 1st sought to follow their passions and then find there jobs, out performed those that choose a profession like Lawyer (because you want to make big money), thinking that the money from the Job will make them happy. The reality is that only Lawyers that are making bank have aligned themselves with their professions. For instance the personal injury lawyer that truly feels like he is helping to protect the lower class working folk, that cannot stand up for themselves. A perfect example I believe is John Edwards who really does feel like he has been a true savior to the under privileged working class that won settlements from giant corporate America. As a result of doing what your passion leads you to will always provide the satisfy your need and desires at every level.

The point that I am talking about is Congruency – this represents our level of success and achievement as we measure it in our lives.

I can tell you that the business I have been involved with in the past 9 months has been So profitable that simply having 10 people making 10 sales a month will yield you $100,000 per month. That is where I started with my goals and I quickly realized my goals.

I did this by focusing on one thing, marketing my website. That’s the only thing that you have to do to make thousands of dollars per week.

The package that you are marketing is one for a Platinum Membership to Global Resorts Network. This is a membership that is Lifetime and allow your entire family to stay anywhere in the World for 7 Nights at rates from $298 to $799 at the high end.

Yes, you read that right, you are guaranteed to stay in a 3-5 star luxury resort wherever you go for as low as $298 for seven nights. Most people will pay for the cost of the lifetime membership in their first or second vacation.

Picture traveling all over the world or maybe just chilling out in a Beach Front Suite in Fiji for a month, for only $1200. You can still be working your business as the same time. There are no other memberships or clubs that will offer the same value of discount and variety of international destinations complete with skilled customer travel agents at no additional cost to help make your reservations and cater your every need. OK That’s enough of my Pitch for the GRN package. Seriously though the package is only the first income stream of the reverse funnel system. The organization it truly committed to producing Billionaires in the next few years.

I hope that you will take some time to check out my website and learn about my opportunity that will change your lifestyle and your income forever.

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Source by David Bateman