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If you are like me and many people are. You know what it is like to fail at MLM, network marketing and the like. I had finally written off the entire industry. I remember the day that I made up my mind. I had joined an MLM company, I worked very hard to sign up 3 people, and earned a whopping 120.00.

The best part about it is that if all 3 of those people stayed active I was going to make an additional 3.17 per month.

Those results were in my first month alone. Now, I only needed to have about 2000 more months just like this one and I would be on easy street. Does this sound crazy and familiar at the same time? Hold on; add to this tale the fact that it took 90 days to receive my 120.00 check and I never did receive the $3.17.

Well it seemed like a good idea at the time but in the end it was just another business opportunity to add to my “now you know list”.

Yes, now I do know. I made my biggest mistake in choosing this company and I and I want you to avoid the same mistake. In fact there are several mistakes that people make everyday when choosing an opportunity and you can learn them and avoid them by continuing.

Before you review the list of biggest mistakes, get clear on a few basics.

– Direct sales has historically paid more people more money than MLM.

– Direct sales and MLM are not at all the same thing.

The information in this article will give you some navigational tools as you choose a direct sales model. Read this now and avoid some costly mistakes.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Direct Sales People Make

1. Choosing an opportunity with a bad or limited product line

2. Choosing an opportunity with a weak pay plan (you should make several hundred dollars on every sale and with residuals to match)

3. Believing that the company, your sponsor or anyone else will do the work for you

4. Paying more for leads and traffic than your payout can afford to cover

5. Failing to make follow up calls and emails to your prospects

6. Insulting or condescending attitudes (the MLM approach of “are you in or out” does not work in direct sales)

7. Failing to talk to enough people

8. Not using your sponsor or company training to become proficient in your new business

9. Joining a company that has week or no support

10. Underestimating just how lucrative this type of business can be. You can actually make several thousands of dollars right out of the gate.

I have already told you about my bad experience with a home based business. Now here is my positive story about joining a direct sales internet business.

First, I was not prepared for the lifestyle changes that accompany making $4,000.00 to $10,000.00 extra dollars per month. Direct sales delivered what MLM had only promised. The hope of making millions, the promise of more free time, and the idea of working at home is real and direct sales is a viable vehicle.

Anyone can use direct sales to reach success as long as you avoid the 10 biggest mistakes.

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Source by Marc Golden