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Like many people my 1st experience in this industry was through a traditional MLM or multi-level marketing program.

The presenters pretty much used all the standard lines and presentation models. The first one was “Make a List of 100 Family, Friends and Neighbors”

Well, right away my little mind started racing around picturing all the people I knew and I couldn’t picture even one that I wanted to give a presentation to let alone do business with!

With all the enthusiastic writing that was going on around me, I was just starting to wonder what was wrong with me when another trainer stepped up to the podium and began a talk about “How To Identify Your Ideal Target Market” and the importance of doing so.

This guy seemed to be a little more up to date and he and his wife had recently shot up to the top in sales with this particular company in just over a year. Needless to say they had my full attention.

As he suggested we broke up into groups and started throwing ideas and suggestions back and forth until we came up with what we thought the perfect prospect looked like.

Unfortunately, not only did this person NOT look like any of my family, friends or neighbors…he didn’t look much like me either!

Here’s the lesson the trainer wanted us to remember.

The only way you are going to be able to attract Qualified people to you in any area of your life, “Is To Become One”.

And even though that sounded stupid to me at the time he said the best way to start that process, was to get some training…

I obviously wasn’t listening to that free advice because I can Now tell you from my own experience that diving in with both feet and trying to accomplish the same results as a qualified marketer, when you have no experience of your own, is a total, and complete, waste of your time and money.

And usually lot’s of both.

Even though starting with free information is a very good place to start and I highly recommend it, (especially if you follow a good Newsletter or Blog that gives you a bit of a road map), there will come a point, in your education, where you need to have the information and instruction organized in an easy to understand and follow along with format.

This is without a doubt a short-cut that many thousands of people are missing everyday and keeps the information farmers raking in an awful lot of your money.

The best defense I know of against the constant flow of distracting emails, sales pitches, product launches and new techniques and out-right lies is to focus on one training site, course or eBook at a time and get your head out of all the distractions designed to take your attention, and your money, away from you.

An Eye Opener for me. And for you too!

Once I started to get the kind of results that people could see, like new clothes, nice dinners, better vehicle and so on, I started getting more people I knew asking me what I was doing and could I show them how they could do the same.

Well Guess What I Discovered? (I mean besides the fact that I’m an idiot that falls for flattery!)

The ratio between the people who are only talking the big talk about finding a better lifestyle and the Small Number who are willing to actually do what it takes to achieve it, is about the same at home as it is anywhere else you want to look.

And I wasted a lot of time, emotion and personal involvement in finding this out because, as you may have guessed, some of those people, (who jerked me around), were family, friends and neighbors.

A good thing that came out of all that is that it motivated me to make some much needed changes in both my attitude and my approach to deciding who is serious and who is simply not ready.

Here’s a lesson that will move you out of the beginner phase “Real Fast”.

You need to have Qualifiers that you can send people to that will show you the level of commitment they’re capable of.

List building is an area you may have seen this technique used in the form of optin pages.

Ask yourself, do I want a list full of freebie hunters joining to get a free eBook or do you want to build a list of buyers who join in order to purchase something?

Either way is working great for any number of online entrepreneurs, who have taken the time to learn their system well, which is a definite key to success.

I like the method of using Qualifiers that build a smaller but more focused list.

One of the best Qualifiers you’ll find anywhere online right now, is a very popular training program that not only shows you that this person is serious enough about their own income to take action, but it also provides some of the best Online Training in Network Marketing available at this time at a very decent price.

This is a Program that I’m participating in myself and it’s about as Win /Win as you will find anywhere online.

By sending family, friends and total strangers to this site you’ll find out where they are in their ability to take action very quickly.

Lets face it when it comes to, “The Buck Stops Here”, lot’s of people just “Simply Stop”.

The advantage to using a program like this, as part of your list building activities, is that by joining under your flag their participation not only earns you some up front working capital but you know they’ll stick around for awhile because this program is much better and feature rich than advertised.

I’ve read that you will always benefit by promoting the programs that constantly “Over-Deliver” because they produce the most satisfied customers which are the kind that hang around and spread the word.

And that can apply to anyone….even family members.

Take Care.

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Source by Brad Bylsma