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Your *Default*…

Your ‘Default’ setting creates doubt instead of hope for a successful future. So when it comes to a *Decisive* stage in your life and you step out in faith, you must understand that you are challenging your default.

How do you change this?

Just like you change a computer to make it more suitable to your own purposes and dreams, you have to ‘install and save’ your own software in which you change your default settings and reboot.

How do you do this?

Eastern cultures understand the power of the spoken word much more than Americans do. When we speak words, those words take on a life of their own. Just as negative words spoken by others when we were younger have deep power in our lives, so do positive words.

A major part of ‘installing’ our own software is found in the beautiful and magical mystery of speaking positive, life-affirming, ‘future-positive’ words.

Simply speak affirmations that empower you to *believe in yourself* and the achievement of your goals, dreams and desires. You have the right to success, and you will succeed in the game of life!

You must switch your default from ‘no, no, no’ to ‘yes, yes, yes’.

This is not easy, because you are unlearning behaviors that have been on your hard drive since the day you were born.

If you are forty years old, (like me 🙂 ) then that’s four decades of negative defaults that you must reprogram!

Not easy to do…

It doesn’t happen overnight, and it usually doesn’t happen by reading one book. You must invest in personal success habits on a daily basis that break through those defaults that were cemented in your childhood.

I along with most educators believe that you must read or listen to something at least seven times before you truly grasp the concepts of the material.


Because we are a society of ‘multi-taskers’. This means that we often do several things at one time; therefore, we don’t pay enough attention to any one thing and often miss the importance of what we are reading or listening to.

Your default settings are very strong. So, you need to be very strong in re-programming your life.


Champions Make Decisions and

Decisions Make Champions.

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Source by John Di Lemme