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Most people think that Internet Marketing is nothing more than joining

affiliate programs, Multi Level Marketing programs, or promoting programs

that scam people out of their money. With the tons of moneymaking

programs you see circulating on the Internet, it seems that many who are in

the Internet Marketing field have forgotten its basic purpose. Hype seems to

be replacing the real purpose of marketing these days.

When it comes to business, the most important word in the phrase Internet

Marketing is the word “Marketing.” What is the ONLY reason for creating

marketing literature, a website, business cards, a sales letter, mini-sites,

etc. that talks about your company, your products, your services? To sell

those products and services. To get a prospect to connect with you, so you

can do what is necessary to sell to him what you’ve got; to get a prospect to

buy what you’re selling, or to get a customer to purchase again. There is no

other reason for marketing. NONE.

What most people in Internet Marketing have forgotten is that they’re in the

business of selling products and services, pure and simple. Therefore, your

basic purpose as a marketer is to create websites, sales letters, and

marketing literature that will help you reach this objective.

The first thing a potential customer should see when reading your sales

letter and other marketing materials, whether it’s a single sales letter

website, a garden-variety business card, or a four-color brochure–is himself,

something about himself, something of use to himself, something that

makes him feel good about his favorite subject — himself. Not something

about you.

You will succeed in reaching your sales objectives, and in selling more

products and services, to the extent that your prospect feels you exist for

him, that you can help him, and that you care for nothing so much as for

him. The extent to which you succeed in achieving this objective is the

extent to which you will have the lifestyle, with all its bountiful gifts, that

you desire. Thus, every sales letter, website, envelope, business card, etc.

should be about your potential customer, not about you, your product or


The headline of your sales letter or other marketing materials should be

about your prospect and what he wishes to accomplish. The salutation

should speak to the prospect. The opening line of anything you write should

address the prospect directly, his hopes, fears, wants, aspirations, and

desires. The body copy should pile on benefit after benefit of direct,

compelling interest to the prospect. The offer should be something that

interest the prospect and motivates him to act NOW. For it is this type of

marketing, not how good you or your product is, that produces cash profits.

As an Internet Marketer, you must strive to reach this objective everyday.

That means you must learn how to create copy that produces cash, copy

that sells. You must go back to the basics of providing a real value to your

prospects–back to the real basics of marketing: focusing on the wants,

needs and aspirations of the only people who can provide you with the

lifestyle you desire: your prospects.

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