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Multi-Level Marketing gets a lot of bad press and, to tell you the truth, much of it is well-deserved.

Back in the day when MLM began, a lot of us became very familiar with the “spiel”. A friend or relative would call all excited about a new business they had just started.

They wouldn’t tell you anything about the business on the phone, but invited you to come to their house so that they could present all the details to you there and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Unfortunately, not much has changed. Many people are still trying to recruit people into their opportunity using the same methods.

You join an MLM company, and the first thing your sponsor wants you to do is come up with a list of 200 people. This is your “warm” market. These are your relatives, your friends, your co-workers.

These are the people who know and trust you. The people least likely to suspect they are about to be scammed and lied to in order to get them to come to a meeting where your more experienced upline will present the opportunity and sell the “dream”.

Many people joining MLM soon find their friends, family and co-workers avoiding them like the plague because they want nothing to do with their business opportunity.

When you’re finished running through your warm market, which shouldn’t take long depending on how tough-skinned you are and diligent about making those calls, you are encouraged to expand your circle to include your neighbors, the mail man, your hair dresser, and your dentist – anyone you know or come into contact with.

You begin the process again, and find that your circle of alienation has expanded, and you still have found no one who wants to join you.

About this time, you start becoming discouraged. After all, you’re really excited about your MLM, and you can’t understand why everyone else isn’t as excited as you are.

You go back to your sponsor, and this time you’re encouraged to buy some leads. You’re told “it’s a numbers game”. If you contact enough people about your MLM business, someone is going to sign up.

So, you start buying leads and calling total strangers and talking to them about your business opportunity.

They aren’t interested either.

About this time, you decide that MLM is a rip-off and you’ve been scammed.

Does any of this sound familiar? Most of us have been there; some of us more than once.

I’ve been told by experts and watch dogs that MLM can’t work. And, you know what? They’re right. MLM, the way it was sold to you and to me and to just about everyone out there, will never work.

Most people look at MLM as a pyramid scheme. And, the way it has been presented, it is one. But, is it being presented correctly?

In a pyramid scheme, the people who get in first are the ones who profit. The further away from the top you are in the hierarchy, the less chance you have of being successful and making money at MLM.

Is this true?

Well, sort of. But, the same could be said about any business in America. The one who starts the business, the business owner, the president, the CEO – they are the ones who stand to gain the most from their business. They have lots of worker bees beneath them in the hierarchy who won’t make anywhere near they profit they do.

Now, here’s the thing.

I know that the “dream” you and everyone else were sold was that you could fire your boss, work 4 hours a week, and make a six-figure income. Well, frankly, you were lied to.

Now, you CAN fire your boss and make a six-figure income in MLM. But, it will take more than 4 hours a week. But, so does your present 40-hour a week job. After putting in the time, money and effort to build your business, you may be able to cut back to minimal hours, but at the start, it will take more.

The other problem with the way the MLM dream is sold is that EVERYONE can do this. Well, the fact of the matter is, everyone CAN’T recruit a huge downline and make 7 figures a year at your MLM opportunity. At some point, you will simply run out of people. Someone, somewhere down the line will find themselves without someone to recruit because everyone is already in the opportunity.

Now, of course, not everyone wants to join your opportunity in the first place, but stay with me here.

Can EVERYONE be the CEO of a major corporation? I don’t think so. We would run out of corporations long before we ran out of people to become CEO.

Can ANYONE be the CEO of a major corporation? Of course there are exceptions to every rule but, basically, anyone who had the desire and was willing to pay the price could become the CEO of a major corporation.

Does everyone WANT to be the CEO of a major corporation? Nope. And, likewise, not everyone wants to work their MLM business full-time.

There are a lot of reasons people get into MLM. Some people just like the products and want to be a customer. Some like the products and sign up as a distributor because they want the discount on the products. Some just want to earn a little extra cash. Some want to replace their current income. Some want to fire their boss and earn 7 figures a year with their MLM business.

Is it possible?

Yes, if you have the desire and are willing to pay the price!

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Source by Cheree Miller