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Network Marketing? Not again, you may think. Too true. Countless people are stuck with boxes and boxes of juice and overpriced lotions and potions that are cluttering up their garage. And not much cash.

That’s the bad part. The ugly part is that many companies have compensation structures so complicated that few people ever actually qualify for cash of any significance.

But what makes people go for it anyway? The lure of the big pay-off. And the two magic words: Residual Income.

In fact, if it weren’t for the potential of big money and residual income, nobody would do it. But how to find the best network marketing companies? Read on to discover what it takes to make network marketing actually work the way it’s supposed to.

I still remember the first person who introduced me to the concept of residual income. With shining eyes, voice filled with excitement, she told me that normally, when you stop working, the money stops too. Not here though: Oh no! The money will keep on flowing in your direction for years and years to come.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it. Unfortunately, the residual income will be in direct proportion to what you make up front, and if you’re not doing so well currently, you can pretty much forget about earning much if any residual income later.

But what if we took the good parts and made them really work, and eliminated the bad and especially the ugly stuff? Wouldn’t it be great to find the best network marketing company that actually paid out money to its members without making them jump through impossible hoops?

At the same time, what if they had a product that lots of people actually wanted and would continue to pay for year after year? What if that product wouldn’t clutter up your garage?

And what if you didn’t have to bug your friends and family members, and instead could count on the power of the internet to recruit your prospects and customers, and would even get free training and lots of help from some of the best internet marketing experts around?

Look for as many of these points as possible when you scope out new opportunities, and if they check out, you might have found the best network marketing company for you, one that will actually deliver on the promise.

Or not… Before you join up, you should definitely have a few in-depth conversations with others who have joined at your level and find out how much they really make. Also be sure to find out ahead of time how much of an additional investment is needed to make it work.

More than once, I was told after paying several hundred dollars that I would have to invest at least another thousand to get into “lead pools” or purchase “leads” in order to make it work. They hadn’t mentioned that before I joined… So don’t blow your last dollars on their sign-up fee for an organization that expects you to buy leads. The best MLM network marketing company can’t help you unless you have a way to get the leads that you’d need to actually earn commissions.

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Source by Elisabeth Kuhn