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If you want a healthier pizza, then buy a countertop pizza oven.

When you purchase a pizza from a fast food restaurant, the pizza is little more than a cholesterol pie. The pizza is loaded with grease, salt, calories, too much cheese and not too much nutrition. Most doctors will not eat too much takeout pizza, nor do they recommend that anyone else eat too much of it. The salt in a takeout pizza can cause high blood pressure and the truckload of calories can result in considerable weight gain.

Obesity has become a major American health problem starting with our children. The same can be said of takeout pizza.

Buy a home pizza oven and you will be the one to decide what will go into your pizza. They can be fresh ingredients, less cheese, and whole wheat products for the crust instead of the more caloric white bread crusts from the pizza takeout.

And don’t fall for the pizza takeout come-ons. One of their favorites is “buy one pizza and you get a second one at no additional cost”. Rest assured that the pizzeria is not losing money with this 2-for-1 gimmick. They charge so much money for the first pizza that it more than covers the cost of the second one. So the pizzeria still makes a profit, but the customer doesn’t get a bargain–just more calories, salt and cholesterol.

Take control of your life and buy a countertop pizza oven. They range in price from less than $100 all the way up to thousands, depending on how “commercial” the model is. What you buy, of course, will depend on your budget and how important pizza is to your lifestyle. How often you like to eat pizza? How frequently do you like to entertain friends and serve pizza? And perhaps the most important of all–how many children are there in the household who go crazy over pizza? Also, if you do purchase a home pizza oven, keep in mind that there are certain kitchen supplies that you will need to cook and serve your pizza.

Yes, with a countertop pizza oven you will ultimately save money on your pizzas. You get to experiment with fresh and healthy ingredients at lower cost. You get to make pizza the way you want to make it. But above all, you will be eating healthier homemade pizza.

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