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Why would anyone say to stop promoting your network marketing company?

I want to ask you a question:

Who do you care about more? Yourself and your team, or the company you are promoting. Maybe I have lost my mind and this is a stupid question, but HOW you are marketing and building your business speaks more about this subject than you may realize.

In other words, if all of your time is spent promoting your company instead of YOURSELF; then what are you actually saying to your prospects?

This is what you are actually saying:

‘This company is on fire – we have a killer compensation plan that no one else in the industry can touch, and the products sell themselves! The founders are such good people that they started this company for the reps, so that we could go out and change our lives and so on and so forth!’

Do you see the kind picture I’m am trying to create here? I’m not making this stuff up as I go along.

So what role do you play? What is your significance? Why does your company need you if it is so great? Why would someone be attracted to you and what you have?

If you are building your business this way then you are taking on an employee mentality, and are just another one of the companies sales reps instead of an independent business builder.

(Now, I encourage you to keep an open mind here, hear me out and then at the end of the article you can decide if my information is blasphemy or not.)

Here is something else to think about:

If the products sell themselves why does your company need you? Why do you need to track people down and “throw-up” all of your information and convince people? Why is it that so many reps think more about their company than their own families?

Here is the bottom line:

Your company does need you because you bring two key ingredients to the table that every company on this earth needs to become successful – which is creativity and relationships.

Back to the topic at hand:

Doesn’t it make more business sense to spend your valuable time building up and promoting YOURSELF, instead of building up the company that you represent? What if you moved your focus and instead of directing your prospects to your company, you started attracting and directing them to YOU? Then you would have complete control over your leads and what you are presenting them.

Your prospects have many great mlm companies to choose from and can be very selective when it comes to choosing the correct product or opportunity. Which means that if you are not attracting these people to you FIRST, then they have no real reason follow you or join your specific team.

What makes you different that they can’t find from any other rep in this industry?

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you have a prospect and you are trying to get them to join you in business:

You start telling them about all of the benefits they will receive from the company to try to get them to sign on the dotted line.

Well, they decide that they need a few weeks to think it over and ponder. Now, there is a very good chance that you have just lost them as a potential rep because all you had to offer them was your opportunity, and if they do decide to get involved they can just go to the corporate website or to first rep they can find. They really have no other use for you and are not attracted to you anymore.

OK, now let’s look at it from this angle:

Let’s say you attract a prospect to you FIRST, because you have positioned yourself as an expert in the field. Then, you give them something of value such as a free educational newsletter, ebook, or video and then you direct them to your primary opportunity.

When you operate this way you become highly attractive and valuable to your prospects. Even if they decide to wait to sign up they are still going to feel connected with you because they trust you and consider you more helpful than some annoying sales rep trying to sell a bunch of hype and get rich quick talk.

Finding network marketers that love their company, and spend the majority of their time promoting their company is easy. However, it is rare to find someone that offers value to their prospects and attracts them through effective marketing and positioning.

Now, being with a good company is important and we should be proud of the company we represent, but a company is merely a means to an end. As an independent marketer, directing every prospect you come across to your primary business opportunity should be the last thing on your mind. Attract these people to you FIRST, then you have a chance to help them a lot more and offer them something of value.

People don’t want to work with the everyday Bob networker. If you look at the statistics of the masses, why would they? People would rather work with someone of whom they can trust and someone who can give them more than just the typical sales pitch about their company. I mean, there are thousands of network marketing opportunities available and everyone thinks their company is the best! Prospects have heard it a million times before.

You can either become independent and different, or you can follow the followers. It’s your choice!

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Source by Thomas Hernandez