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Your attitude is numero uno. An attitude of expectation is the first key. If you don’t think you can succeed you won’t! But attitude, in of itself, does not guarantee your profitability.

Your company’s products and services must make sense. They must be desirable and they must be easy to attain. But again, just because your company’s products and services meet these requirements it doesn’t equate to massive success.

The compensation plan is a critical factor because you must have the opportunity to make money. There are different types of compensation plans. I have found that two types of situations have worked very well. The first is the typical network marketing company that has a modest entry fee and gives modest commissions per sale. The KEY to this type of company is to get in early, VERY early. In fact, if you can get in at its pre-launch stage you will find this to be a very exciting business venture. The second type is a higher end company that requires a more significant entry fee but gives MASSIVE commissions. Both of these businesses can furnish you the vehicle for explosive growth.

But once again, the comp plan will not, by itself, give you predictable results.

A marketing plan that is automated will make the attraction of visitors and perspective business associates easier and more consistent. Will this marketing plan guarantee your success? Heck no, but it IS an important ingredient.

If you take all of these factors on this list and put them together they will make your success more predictable. However, if you then add the last key ingredient….a team of successful entrepreneurs that work together synergistically to maximize everyone’s success….you WILL have predictable success.

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Source by Dr. Alfred Santoro