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I have learned from my mentor, how to mainly sponsor wealthy people into my business. It’s true, only true marketing-savvy survives. Combined with “personal branding”, of course. Yes, lower middle-class folks could “find” the money, but often times, mindset-issues like “unhealthy skepticism” prevents them from joining. They assume because they are flat-broke, so is everyone else. For that reason, they’re not joining.

So why do I try to market to white collar folks? Well, my opportunity needs 3K to get involved in and if you want to have a really good shot at actually making it into the top 10-20 percent that don’t fail, another 1-2 thousand dollars would be ideal.

But how is it done? The amazing thing is that doing it right isn’t even a tad more difficult than doing it wrong. I learned this from a guy who makes 60K a month, and even he never claimed to have come up with this himself. We can learn from Disney. Harley Davidson. All the big corporations, really.

Here are two techniques:

#1 – Everything you write and especially your ad copy is “magnetic”. If your headline states, “Who else wants to rake in 10K a week without calling people, 100 percent automated system available – Guaranteed!”, who will soon be crawling all over you? That’s right: a bunch of lottery-mentality Lamborghini-loving daydreamers-, who will give it their all….

Until they run into a tiny obstacle. Then they fold and you will never hear from them again.

#2 – How does that compare to the piece you are reading right now? It started with the headline, using terminology like “White Collar Workers” and “High Tier”, which does exactly what a magnet does. It intimidates some (repels) and attracts others. It will make the target market curious, who can afford the opportunity. The folks that are proud of who they are in life and their success. There is no beating around the bush: Note how in the third paragraph I am disclosing the nitty-gritty, that many marketers are afraid to talk about (the fact that we need money for marketing and how much: 1 – 2 thousand dollars). At that point, this article had already lost 70 percent of its readership.

So we can make a choice. We can pick up the gold – and by that I don’t mean “white collar people”. I mean marketing techniques that are so simple, we might as well use them. We are really just focusing on the target market, rather than trying to market to Mr. Everybody and then telling him to get a loan.

To wrap this up, most ideas that are being taught out there are being taught by the 98% of people who fail. It takes “guts” to do what really works and maybe wisdom. Use these methods to make it into the to 2 percent in America.

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Source by M. Tetzner