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Did you know that most people are NOT born “good sellers”? It’s not an inherent ability or quality. Selling is something you have to learn. Now, the mere thought of “selling” might make some of you nervous – but don’t let it scare you.

Once you learn the components required to make a sale, you’ll wonder why you made all the fuss in the beginning.

Most of you engaged in a home business have probably been taught that there is a 4-part formula to making a sale. You might have been learning the following formula on how to spend your time with a prospect:

1. Spend 10% of your time on building report.

2. Spend 20% of your time on qualifying prospects.

3. Spend 30% of your time presenting.

4. Spend 40% of your time is spent on answering questions or closing.

Believe it or not, you’ve been learning the 4-part formula of mistakes. These are the mistakes most commonly made by amateurs. Most people in home businesses are following this formula because they don’t know a better way.

Here’s another, more successful way, to look at the 4-part formula:

1. Spend 40% of your time with prospects building trust.

2. Spend 30% of your time listening and identifying your prospects needs.

3. Spend 20% of your time presenting a solution to your prospects needs.

4. Spend 10% of your time closing.

When you are talking to your prospects, 70% of your time is spent on building trust and finding out what they need or what their problems are. 20% is spent on finding a solution to their problems. So, instead of just 10%, as described in the earlier model, 90% is spent on your prospects.

Poor sales people talk whereas good sales people listen to their prospects. So listen more than you talk. Your job is to build that report with your prospects. They need to trust you before they will buy your product or join your organization.

For more on closing, read part 2.

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