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I really believe that one of the most important things in being successful in your  MLM  Business is understanding your audience. Do you really know what your prospect is looking for? How can you ever reach them if you have no clue what their fears, likes and dislikes are. What is going to motivate your prospect to take an action (submitting his/her information on your data captured page, give you a call) where you’re looking for?

If you are writing your message without truly knowing your audience and without understanding what is really important to them, you simply will not reach them. You can write a lot of articles and you can make a lot of landing pages, but that will be a waste of your time.

So get to know your audience, find out what their needs are and what is important to them. Honestly it really is not possible to not know who you are writing to without truly knowing your prospect. Go online and search for the information you are looking for or read magazines which your prospects reed in your industry. Do not only study your audience, but become one with them. Observing them and surround yourself with them s so essential to this process. This can make the all the difference in having a successful business or not.

You can use the Prospect Knowledge Formula. First find out what are their fears.

Second what benefits are important to them. Third find out the likes/dislikes of your audience. Fourth what is important to them. Fifth is it a want or a need for them? Sixth what makes your prospects loose sleep at night. Seventh what is the primary age of your targeted audience. Eight have your prospects been lied, cheated or mislead in the past with similar products or services? And last what are the demographics that you are trying to reach?

With the answer on the above mentioned questions you will be able to understand your audience. And this understanding will make all the difference between just a few clicks on low site conversion rates and huge amount of clicks on Google ads.

You can also develop yourself a series of questions directed at an in-depth of your prospects needs, wants and desires. If you will do this this you will become an effective marketer in sending out the right message to your prospects.

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Source by Monja Meulstee