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Liberty League is counted amongst the fastest growing personal development companies worldwide. It is determined to help the community become financially independent and create an emotional wealth too. It was founded in 2001 by Brent Payne and Shane Krider in Australia. They developed the ‘Beyond Freedom’ program which helped many to achieve financial and emotional success.

Inspired by this success, Payne and Krider founded Liberty League International to establish a community of wealth-aware people and give them a positive outlook. This was because they did not want to create just another income generation plan for people, but had a desire to create a strong, close-knit group of people who wanted to be successful.

The products developed by Liberty League are centered on personal development of an individual. ‘Beyond Freedom’ is a 90-day multimedia personal development program. It is designed to change your habits and your way of thinking. The company’s products are fantastic and have proven to be useful to many people in improving their life and business. These products claim to increase your self confidence and zest for life. They will make you ponder over your lifestyle, desires and create an optimistic outlook towards life.

The products of Liberty League International are sold by authorized distributors called as Business Associates. Anybody who wishes to succeed personally and financially can join as a Business Associate by paying a start up fee of around $1495. You are provided the sales materials and given the required training. The company has the usual marketing plan, called the “Aussie- 2 Up” or Australian 2-Up plan.

The company offers a bonus, or a payout, of around $1000 for every sale made by a “qualified affiliate”. But the catch here is that this payout that you receive has to be given to the person under whom you have signed up, the sponsor. Surprisingly, the proceeds of the second sale that you get also go to the sponsor. Hence it is called the “Aussie 2-Up” plan! Moreover, the company holds various seminars that may cost you around $6000 to $12000 that help you in tax deduction.

Liberty League International’s products are genuine and the testimonials are real-life. However, this is not enough for you to decide whether to join or not. You need to research a lot, taking into consideration that you will have to lose the earnings of the first two sales, and then recruit new people.

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Source by Chris Luttrell