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Having fun in business is not a “would be nice” notion – it is a necessity.

These days, we’re plugged in constantly. Texts, newsfeeds, emails – all insisting upon our attention – in addition to the real work we have to get done! In comparison to our grandparents, the amount of information our brains are taking in is beyond massive. Technology is here to stay, though, so our job now is to find ways for having fun in business.

Having fun in business… Where will I find the time?!?!

If you are a motivated and hardworking person, hear this, please: Having fun in business and life is not optional. It’s essential.

Many people think they will take time for fun, leisure, and relaxation when they are wealthy and successful. That’s backwards. You must create what you want first, so you can absorb those experiences of “success” into your cells. Success follows happiness.

If you are in network marketing like I am, people need to see you having fun and experiencing life in abundant ways. After all, who wants to partner with someone who is always stressed and burned out? A huge reason you and I joined the network marketing industry in the first place is because of the lifestyle freedom we get to create, so remember to enjoy the journey.

Here are some ideas for having fun in business, and how it leads to more success:

1. Generate Positive Feelings

If you want to feel abundant, adopt this daily ritual: Grab a notebook and, at the top, write, “I’m so happy that… ” Then list ALL the things you are happy about. This morning here are a few things I was happy about:

I’m so happy that…

  • My first year of marriage was wonderful
  • My 83 year old Mom is doing great
  • I get to live in two beautiful places

Another ritual you may enjoy is answering the question, “Why am I so wealthy?” Your mind will think of all sorts of reasons, and you will live into your self-fulfilling prophecy.

Why am I so wealthy?

  • Because I’m savvy and smart
  • Because I have a winning personality
  • Because I am having fun in business

2. Create a Ripple of Giggles

You can’t necessarily control what happens in life, but you can control how you react. Whenever my husband starts to make me a little bonkers, I stop myself and ask: “Will I choose to create a ripple effect of tension? Or will I choose to create a ripple of giggling?” While being right can be quite seductive… giggling is way more fun! Your mission for having fun in business? Turn the frown upside down and find ways to create giggles.

3. Do Something for Kicks

If you want a successful business, of course you must put in the hours and the work. Yet, realize that it never ALL gets done. Instead of letting your “To Do” list run the show, how about creating a “Fun To Do” list? Part of having fun in business is doing things on occasion for the sake of pure enjoyment. Just choosing one Fun To Do item per day will make a huge difference for you. Some recent Fun To Do items on my list were:

  • Go for a stroll on the beach
  • Pick a beautiful bouquet from the garden
  • Make cookies with the kids

4. Whistle While You Work

Having fun in business isn’t about constantly playing hooky – it’s about consciously adding the energy of fun to whatever you are doing. At our house, when it is dishes time, our kids groan and drag their feet (you’d think washing dishes was some kind of twisted punishment). If we pop in some tunes, though, all of a sudden we have an evening of singing and laughter with the family. Work can be fun too!

5. Visualize Your Dream Life

I am a big fan of vision boards. I have created several huge vision boards and absolutely love letting them carry my imagination away. Since doing vision boards, a few (non)coincidences have come up in my own life:

Gorgeous wedding ring on my vision board –> Same custom-designed ring on my finger (He put a ring on it!)

Handsome man on my vision board –> Handsome husband who looks VERY similar (with the same smile lines to boot)!

Three kids on vision board (two girls and a boy) –> Said handsome husband came with three kids (in the same birth order!)

Staring at your vision boards each morning as you enjoy a cup of coffee is a great way to start your day with a sense of fun, peace, and success.

Let’s support each other on our commitment to having fun in business… Share your comments below. How are you having fun in business?

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Source by Kathleen Deggelman