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There is about one new  MLM  company starting every week. This demonstrates that the network marketing model works. The question now is

“Which one should I partner with?”

I can’t deny that there are the good, the bad, and the ugly. With hundreds to choose from, it can be overwhelming.

I’ll briefly share with you my 8-point characteristic test that you can use identify the right companies that you can explore further on.

Sub-industry. The network marketing industry has several sub-industries according to the products and services being offered. For example: health and wellness, beauty and care, telecommunication, legal services, domain and websites, personal development, utilities (in some states), travel, and a few others.

It’s important that you choose a sub-industry that will less likely be affected by the economy.

Track record. This is a simple one: How long have the company been around? Is it an established company with a proven track record and consistent marketplace leadership? Is it a promising startup with great potential?

Management team. Who are the founders? What is their background? Do they have hands-on experience with network marketing themselves? What are their values? Are they leading the company with utmost integrity? How is the customer service? The company is as strong and solid as their leadership.

Products and services. In today’s marketplace, it’s hard to find a niche that has little or no competition. Having the best products and services is certainly a must. Having ones that change people’s lives in a meaningful way and generate lots of testimonies is even better. It’s best when those products and services are related to the right sub-industry as explained above.

Compensation plan. The goal of every network marketer is to build a long lasting stream of income from the continuous monthly products sales through a huge distribution network under their leadership. It’s critical to find the right  MLM  company that gives fair and generous compensation to its distributors. The plan should be balanced between quick retail profits or customer acquisition bonuses, and sustainable, long term residual income.

Training and mentoring. Training is critical. Most new employees can’t start working until after they go through proper training and neither can new distributors. A good  MLM  company will have an established training process and schedule that their distributors can regularly plug into. In this multimedia world we live in, training and mentoring can come in the forms of teleconference calls, videos, webinars, and newsletters, as well as face-to-face meetings. Many leaders usually give personal mentoring to those who are willing to commit.

Future expansion. International market is nothing new.  MLM  companies that don’t have plans to expand globally will be left behind. Choose a company that has the greatest potential of opening a new market in virtually any country in the world.

Endorsement. People are crazy about celebrities. Celebrities are a great example of attraction marketing. Every product that has their names on it will most likely sell. The more famous the celebrity who endorses it, the more it sells, especially if it’s related to the celebrity’s field of expertise or values.

I explain all points in detail in my “Network Marketing Simplified” special report.

I understand that you may have a hard time finding just the perfect company that will pass all the characteristics test I shared above. On the other hand, however, you may want to take your time and do your due diligence in finding the company that you’ll be comfortable partnering with. If you do, you will less likely regret it and can go full force without any reservation.

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Source by Steven Winata