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Have you had it with a diluted version of previous network marketing companies when a new one comes out of the woodwork with some product to surpass all products?

Wake Up Now Inc is far from being your daddy’s   MLM  – the people at Wake Up Now bending over backwards to change the way the network marketing industry is viewed by the masses, which is not going to be easy.

Troy Muhlestein, the Founder of Wake Up Now, Inc. created it as a way to help solve the economic crisis after he, along with many other Americans, became one of the many unemployed in the last few years.

Along with the other corporate leaders of Wake Up Now, he is chipping away at the problem that plagues America. Richard Smith, a key player in Wake Up Now and UnityOne, a philanthropic organization that owns forty-nine percent of Wake Up Now, lives by a creed that “no one will spend more than they make with Wake Up Now”.

He is quite daring, especially because in typical network marketing three percent of the distributors make 97% of the money, additionally, if every Wake Up Now distributor were making more than he was spending, Wake Up Now wouldn’t be able to pay the bills.

Sounds a lot like our boys in D.C., doesn’t it?

When we are bombarded on all sides with people over-promising and under-delivering on just about everything can this new company swim against the current or will they fall prey to the same money monster that has wreaked havoc on millions of Americans across the country?

Are they too eager to become what they think the masses want, or is there a reason that the chips always fall as they do for network marketers? Do they even know what the masses want? A better question is, “Do the masses even know what they want themselves?”

In my experience, thinking outside the box is usually very effective – as it is where every paradigm shift that has ever happened has come from. We would be in a completely different world if it weren’t for them. However, trying to think too hard in order to get outside the box can also be a bad thing.

As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There are a lot of people of the opinion that network marketing is “broke” and needs some fixin’ – I would pool the good people at Wake Up Now in this category.

But is network marketing broken, or is it the people that do it that are broken?

Supposing that the problem is not the industry, will Wake Up Now be able to provide something unique that will be able to help “fix” them? Should they be able to do this on a large scale, I would support their cause even if people don’t end up making more than they spend with Wake Up Now.

For more of the straight facts about Wake Up Now, please take a moment to read my comprehensive review of Wake Up Now and UnityOne.

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Source by Jeffrey Maughan