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As I said in an earlier article “The Key to Success is Education” this is no truer than that if I am alive I must therefore be breathing. What I man by this is simple that knowledge is the key to success in making the proper business decisions. Knowing how is not is just as important as knowing what your message is to the customer. One of the hardest things in running a business is the ability to market your business to make sales which in turn causes revenue. Saying the wrong thing to your customers can not only cost you their business but can cost you future business because of word of mouth advertising.

To grow a business whether it is a national franchised chain or a home-based business marketing your product or services is the key to making the money. People can go get Master degrees in Marketing and still know very little how to go from start to finish with a small company and grow it into a very large company that employs thousands of people. There are several things to consider when marketing a product or service.

First thing you need to know is the audience that your product or service will be used by. If you are trying to market your product or service to the wrong audience then your message could be perceived wrong and give the proper audience the wrong perception. Knowledge of your target audience is so important to understand that could cost you hundreds if not thousands of marketing dollars. If your product is a shampoo that can regrow hair and you try to market your product to teenagers. That is the wrong audience for this product. I know that this example is pretty obvious in nature that you would want to market your product to people with hair-loss problems. Once your audience is identified then a marketing strategy is the next step in your marketing campaign.

Developing a marketing strategy is the next step, during this you need to brainstorm on the benefits of your product or service that it gives to the customer once they consume or use the service. Building a marketing campaign around the benefits of the product or service is crucial to your marketing strategy. If one builds a marketing campaign around greed or the ability to make a lot of money will be the demise of the home-based business. This topic is better explained in the article that I wrote “Are You in it for Greed or is it Brand Loyalty, Which is Stronger to Keep You in Business?”

Once your brainstorming is done and you have listed the benefits for either your product or service then the next step is to develop a message to your customers. This is where it gets interesting on how many different people approach the same problem. How do you tell people or the world as a matter of fact? This question can be easily answered by one more question and that is how much money do you have to get your message out there? If you have millions of dollars then television is a great medium or mailers. Maybe you have a limited budget then the telephone is your best choice. I am going to assume that you are starting your home-based business because you do not want to work for someone else and that you are currently working at another job. I am also going to assume that your funding to get this business off the ground is limited and most of your monthly income goes to paying the bills. This means that you will not be seen on the television during prime time or on Super Bowl Sunday. We will have to craft our message the cheapest way possible which is the use of the telephone.

Using the telephone is the cheapest most economical way of getting your message in the hands of the consumers that need, want, or desire your product or service. Now I know that you are thinking that you don’t want to be the person that calls other people during their dinner and bothers them to sell a product or service. And your right you don’t have to do this method, but then you must have a large bank roll to support your advertising budget. By far using the telephone is the fastest and easiest way to get your message to as many people as possible. Now you are most likely saying to yourself, my company wants us to deal with people face to face and build relationships. Your right you do want to build a relationship with your customers and with the people that you sponsor into your business.

I build lasting relationships with the people that I sponsor as well as with my customers that I help with my products, but I just do it over the phone instead of in person. If I were to try to build a company as large as I have today with person to person contacts then I would be spending more than twenty-four hours a day trying to reach a third of the people that I contact over the telephone. It would take more than a month to see one hundred people face to face to inform them of my product or service that I have to offer. Where I can make a hundred phone calls in an afternoon and then make yet another hundred the next afternoon. Yes, the rate at which people buy my product or service is slightly lower by using the telephone than face to face, but what is your time value worth? This is the first few steps to building your marketing campaign.

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Source by Matt Goslee