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There are many things more important than capital when starting an MLM Business. Sure, Capital is nice and will assist you to get things of to a great start but even if you have the capital and you don’t have the following x things in place, you will most likely still be unsuccessful.


You must have the right attitude to start an MLM Business. This attitude must be a can do attitude and any stumbling blocks that you encounter along the way you just have to overcome. You will encounter some problems on your journey to success, everyone does, but if you have the right attitude you can just sail on by them and be forever grateful for the challenge.


You have to be structured and organized in your approach to your business. This means you have to have a very clear and definite system that you use to keep in contact with your downline and to follow up with you leads. This has to be very easy to follow and if at all possible documented. You will find that your life and your MLM business will be a lot easier to manage when you are organized.


You must have conviction in what it is that you are doing and be able to demonstrate this conviction to your downline. After all, your downline will use your conviction to motivate and model themselves by so it is important that you have it and it shines through.


You have to have belief. Belief in yourself and belief in the MLM. You are going to come across stacks of people who will happily go out of their way to try and sabotage both you and your business. These people will say all sorts of things about MLM’s being Pyramid schemes and being scams. If you hold the belief that you will be successful, you can rise about these doubters and brush them away. When it’s all said and done, MLM’s are just another way to sell products that puts the profits in the hands of the distributors, nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about that.


You must be motivated. You cannot build your MLM business without motivation. No one else will build it for you so you need to be motivated and focused on your goals and you will reach them.


This is a very important one. You need to provide leadership for your group. Leadership can be in many forms but essentially you want to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk. You have to be able to instil into your downline the success mentality and motivate and encourage them to be successful also.

All of these traits come before capital. If you don’t have these traits or aren’t willing to expose them within yourself then you would probably be better off working for someone else and spending your life trading time for dollars. If you do have these traits or are willing to work on them then MLM could be for you.

Like any business, you will need to inject some capital into it at some stage but with MLM the capital needed to be extremely successful is very small compared to a standard bricks and mortar business.

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Source by Darren Neff