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Did you know that over 90% of people fail in MLM? Well it’s true. So while you might be very excited in your new home based business venture if you make any of these three fatal mistakes that most network marketers make you are almost guaranteed to kill your chance of having any level of success. Don’t worry these mistakes can be easily be avoided when you know what they are.

Here are the mistakes:

1. Designing your life around your network marketing business:

Designing your life around your MLM business is your first mistake. Why? If you’re like most people, you got into network marketing so you could have time freedom and a lifestyle that you love. The first thing he want do is determine what you want your life to look like. For example, what hours will you work? Are you willing to work weekends? Will you go to home meetings? This is not about can you do something. It’s about what do you want to do.

You chose a home business so that you could do more of what you wanted to do in life. Don’t make the mistake of giving in a business that does not support your vision. It’s about more than money. If you make great money but have no time you might not be happy. Think about it. Are you really working in a home based business if you’re never at home? Simply make sure the business you choose supports what you want not what people want for you. Design your business around your ideal life. If the business model does not fit your life maybe the business is not for you.

2. People focus on duplication in MLM too soon:

I know, you might be thinking well of course you focus on duplication. Isn’t that what everyone says? Duplication is only half of the story. The truth is that people join leaders and leaders stand out. If you only do the same thing that everyone does then why should someone join you instead of the other person? People join people that they feel can help them get what they want. You must be able to answer the question, “Why should I join you?'” The truth is you need to have a strategy to stand of the crowd and attract people to you. Once they come, in you want a process of training that can be duplicated.

3. Spend most of the time on networking and almost no time on marketing.

If you’re like most people in network marketing at some point you’ve been told to make a list of your friends and family. After that, many move into going out networking and hoping to bump into the person who going to build a large organization. This is like hoping for lotto. While networking skills are important the more important skill to develop is marketing. Marketing in its simplest form can be defined as the process of getting potential customers and business builders interested in your product. The key is that it is a process and once you put it into place you can go from prospecting to attracting the exact types of people you want to work with.

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Source by Kimberly A. Rhodes