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There is no question that having network marketing goals and striving to achieve them is the best way to stay motivated. By having   MLM  goals you will be more inclined to work harder to achieve them. However, there is a huge difference between having network marketing goals and writing those goals down. By writing down your visions and goals you will be more apt to stay focused and stay true to your goals since they are in writing. Here are 5 things you need to consider when writing a list of your  MLM  goals.

1. What are your reasons?

In order to set network marketing goals you have to identify your reasons for having an  MLM  career. Surely there is more to it than you just needing a job to pay for the bills. This may be the main reason for you having an  MLM  career, but if you dig deeper you will find that you’re pursuing an  MLM  career for many other benefits as well.

2. What are your income objectives?

Everyone in the world would love to be a millionaire, but it can’t happen to everyone. By setting a reasonable network marketing goal to achieve for your income status it will make you strive to work harder and longer to achieve that income goal.

3. How many hours per day?

You have to decide how much you want to get out of your  MLM  career and how many hours you are willing to put in to attain these goals. Just know that the more time you commit to building your business the more you will see in return.

4. Where do you want to be in the future?

By setting an  MLM  goal of being towards the top of your company’s compensation plan in a year, being able to take vacations when and where you want, and making enough money to live comfortably will keep your mind straight. Without envisioning these kinds of things, you have nothing to look forward to and nothing to work for. Keep telling yourself that these things are realistic goals and can happen to you.

5. Be specific!

When writing your network marketing goals you need to be detailed as possible. Write out when you want to accomplish each goal. What kind of rewards are you going to give yourself after attaining each goal? Include how you are going to go about accomplishing these goals. By planning everything out you will have a better chance of following through with everything.

Setting network marketing goals are by no means set in stone and unchangeable. Your goals can and probably will change as time goes by. However, by writing your  MLM  goals down you are more apt to work to accomplish them since you will be looking at them every day. If you want to be successful in network marketing and accomplish things, you have to write down your network marketing goals and be willing to work to achieve them.

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Source by Shon Christopher