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Are you a person who has a large circle of friends and social acquaintances? Do you think you could put your knowing of this ‘network’ of people to a good use and make some money by selling them products? Then you should consider MLM or Multi-level marketing. If you don’t want to hassle friends and family with meaningless products, but DO want to make money? Consider Passport To Wealth. The difference you ask? Here goes….

MLM is a system in which the parent company tries to sell its products to the customers directly through a relationship referral i.e. you need to know a person who is an ‘agent’ for that company and in turn you become the next link in this chain when you introduce your friend to this business. For example, Amway uses this concept of MLM.

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

In this model, known as MLM, associates or consultants known as ‘distributors’ are given a commission based on their sales volume. These distributors build their own customer base or they could even sell the products at a retail price, having bought them wholesale. In MLM, the money made by an associate is not just based on his or her sales figures but that of the local body or association as well. This business plan also involves direct selling where in the seller needs to interact a lot with the customer either over the phone or face-to-face. Most of the customers are people you know -your relatives, neighbors and friends. The product isn’t generally sold in stores; neither would you see an advertisement for it. With Passport, there is no cold calling or selling. There aren’t any products to store and take up garage space. Passport To Wealth is totally automated and is setup to do the work for you.

Why is MLM facing so much opposition? Is there anything positive about MLM?

MLM has come in for so much flak that there are watchdog agencies to ensure that they don’t dupe consumers. There are many discrepancies that the MLM companies especially those in the field of medicine have been accused of. These include making dubious claims on the effectiveness of a product, scare people into buying their products by saying that they need a particular dietary supplement, et al.

There are also many distributors in these MLMs who charge a recruiting fee – that is you need to pay some money for wanting to sell the company’s products! Experts believe that the pyramidal structure of MLM is to be blamed. In this system, say 10 people introduce the product to 10 others; in turn these now 100 go on to bring the number up to 1000 associates and so on. After 5 levels, there are 10000 people who believe that they are selling a product and making a profit. But if everyone is only selling, who is buying? Even though the pyramid business model only involves transfer of money from a lower level to a higher level and is completely illegal, many people who are pro-MLM claim that this is not the principle behind MLM. There are many MLMs which work on the lines of the pyramidal model and hence are not too be trusted. This is why the Passport To Wealth [] compensation plan is unmatched. You don’t need to sponsor 1000 people to make massive amounts of income. In MLM companies the guys on top are the one’s seeing the profit. While the little guy, like you, struggles at the bottom. This is not the case at Here you will start seeing profit early and often! That’s incredible!

As in the case with any business approach, there are bound to be some good points about even the most criticized model. MLM is best suited for people who cannot afford to market the product, even though some initial investment is mandatory in most cases for a person to be initiated into the program. The distributors are people with no experience in selling – college students or housewives are the most common faces here. Or maybe you want to try your hand at sales before launching your own product in the market; MLM could be your experimental field. My mother and aunt did try their hands at being associates for Amway. They failed miserably because they didn’t have the patience to rope in other associates.

It is for you to understand every nuance of the trade that you are getting into. There is a vast source of information online about MLM. Sometimes, the not-so-nice features are camouflaged; speak with someone who is already in the business to comprehend the obvious and the hidden. You should be extremely careful of schemes that involve making money by recruiting others. Be absolutely sure of the product you are selling. Do not encourage ‘cult’ culture that most MLMs seem to promote – you do not want to sell the company or the concept more than the product itself. is a phenomenal website to a phenomenal company that has helped a number of people looking to make money online. Everything, including the marketing plan, training, and support is put in place for you to succeed.

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