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The fountains mingle with the river

And the rivers with the ocean

The winds of heaven mix forever

With a sweet emotion; Nothing in the

World is single, all thing by a law divine

In one another’s being mingle, Why not I?

…. P B Shelley Love’s Philosophy

Dr Hans Selye developed the Theory of Relaxation (homeostasis in the body and what happens within the body when it is not within that normality). He called it the “Fight or Flight Syndrome.” For example, if you were out in the wilderness and confronted by a grizzly bear, you would feel an enormous rush of adrenaline spurring the sensation to fight (to conquer the beast) or flight (run for your life).

Today your beasts are more likely to be deadlines, projects, unreasonable loss, stormy relationships, plummeting stock market, feeling out of control, the challenges of earning a living, buying a home, vehicle, food, security, and children. Today the terms “anger” and “depression” are used more often than “fight” or “flight.” Stress and the fight-or-flight syndrome emerge when one’s needs are not being met, which relates to expectations and judgments. These attitudes form the basis of our body’s ability to respond to stressful situations.

Addition to stress or to emotions puts us, in a moment, ready to stay and fight or run. In this state we use adrenaline to stay and fight or run. Adrenaline is very potent. It gives fuel to muscles for them to take action. Now, socially, fighting is not acceptable and running doesn’t solve anything. Here’s the dilemma. As humans, we then begin to analyze the solution (rationalize = to make real). Adrenaline moves into the muscles, the body stiffens and the muscles never get used. We then complain of stiffness and inability to move freely. The problem occurs when we associate the hit of adrenaline as a feeling of being alive and active with the environment. We translate this hit as; stress feels good, thereby, creating the addition to feed off the adrenaline.

Corticoids and Steroids take the pain away. They ease the muscles and we feel relaxed . . . ah . . .

When stress builds or this process is repeated, eventually the physical body is compromised.

Ø Changes in the size of our brain in the area of emotional perception.

Ø Fear and Stress reduces the blood flow to our forebrain, where intelligence is active. When feeling joy and love, the forebrain is increased so you have heightened ability to think, create and process information.

Ø The immune system is compromised by cortisol and can potentially make cancer worse.

Ø Digestion is compromised–disrupts blood supply to organs.

Ø Cardiac system changes.

Ø Breakdown occurs in the tissues, joints and bones.

The body begins to live in lack, starvation and breakdown. The job is too much to handle. The relationship is not working. How can I pay the bills— The drama of life goes on and on and on, just to get the HIT of adrenaline! If you don’t have enough drama in our own life, you can watch television, perhaps tune in to THE DRAMA station. Look at these symptoms, allergies, heart problems, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, — Do these sound familiar — these are the ailments of our society?

Scenario: You are feeling a little stressed, tired, out of sorts, you make an appointment with your doctor. Once there, you are told that a vacation might be good. Just take some time off, forget about everything and relax for a few days or weeks. Yes! Now you have permission. You tell your boss and co-workers that you are off for a week. Don’t take any Calls! You go home, make some arrangements and pack. You wake up the next morning and the sun is shinning. It’s off to the beach. You get inside your car, put the top down and take off. While driving along the coast you have your favorite music playing, wind in your hair, and you enjoy the scenery. Soon, you begin to feel uneasy. You haven’t had an adrenaline hit for hours.

You begin to think of last week’s meeting. You remember how Susie cut you off and Ben took the opportunity to mention your idea that you discussed with him. You remember the reorganization of management or the budgets cuts you have to enact. Wow! Now, enter the stress, anger and feeling passed over or betrayed or even resentment.

You are creating chemistry in the mind. Remember the lemon. You are not physically at work. No stress driving through nature’s beautiful scenery. You chose to go into the file cabinet of the brain, the hippocampus, and pulled out the stress file. Now you are having the smorgasbord of chemistry. There is no time or space in this memory or reality, except what you make it. It is not happening in a now time, except in your brain. HOWEVER, now the brain gives you a now chemistry feast in a now body. Now you are exhausted as you drive into the cabin driveway.

Tired? Did you do anything? Yes, but it wasn’t real! It was a memory, which dumped a now chemical feast in the body.

The next time this happens or you find you are with someone else doing this, why not stop. Just stop and begin to associate with the environment, music, whatever, and not the memory (file cabinet in the brain). The body drums it up for the addictive hit of adrenaline because it craves it.

When you need a vacation, it could be fifteen minutes or a week. How about fasting from our emotions. Seeing and being seen has its own chemistry, as well. Every person, place, thing, time and event has been stored in memory, molecules of emotion each with its own chemistry signature. Emotions are hard wired in the gray matter of the brain. It is in the form of a downloadable chip–the hippocampus and it is repeated as a known-over and over again, because it feels good. If you continue to review the wrong things, it is hardwired chemically and it shapes your future behaviors.

Emotions color our reality and result in complex electrochemical interactions within and between nerve cells. Feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred that accompany depression although they seem to be based on reality are no more than distortions in brain electro-chemistry or miss-taken identities.

It’s very natural and easy for the brain to play out what is hard wired and accustomed to doing, remember that self-talk. The brain is always at work because that is its job. It must keep the body going and feeding it what it needs, without judgment. Unless we find the switch and use other parts of our brain, we can get stuck in the same old, same old. It takes great courage to look a negative emotion in the eye and see it for what it is, a need for a fix.

A memory, when combined with active imagination, triggers a physiological reaction in your body. It is, therefore, natural to believe that you can change a situation–there are choices.

Active Imagination and strong, focused will (attention) is another way to create an image in order to have the physical body respond and accept a new memory. Once a physical response is created, the physical body will have a new memory from which to draw.

To change that, a new memory has to be created. To create it, use your imagination. Go back to the past and create a new scene in your movie. Now, by doing this, you can live a future moment, to experience now.

See every option and opportunity possible and deliberately plan for every potential. Live a future event, AND do it in a now moment. The brain only knows a now, present moment. Now, with a memory of a future event acting on your present moment, this gives you a physiological response in the now moment, which becomes a past event in the brain…a memory. As long as one lives in the past, that memory is creating the present moment, because the brain only acts on what information is being imprinted at each moment.

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Source by Deborah Baker-Receniello