Get LEADS On Autopilot!

When you look at the new autopilot systems run on the

internet in the 21st century it really is hard to believe

that such systems are possible. Let me tell you why. A few

years ago I was looking for a business and I looked at a

lot of franchise businesses. I spoke to a lot of franchise

owners and they all complained about how much hard work

running a franchise is. I knew that I wanted to run a

business, but I also knew that I wanted the freedom to work

from home whenever I want.

Concerns about job security, restructuring of businesses

leading to retrenchment and adequate return on pension

funds are making many people to rethink their traditional

ways of thinking consequently causing them to start their

own businesses.

The explosion of the internet has made it a lot easier to

start a business at home. One of the big advantages of

doing this is that the low cost prevents any barrier to


Their are many different alternatives for prospective

entrepreneurs. Mlm network marketing like Herbalife and

Success University, affiliate marketing, selling low cost

items on eBay and pay per click publishing with Google


Often many of these real business opportunities are

misrepresented with way too much hype. An internet business

is like a real business where careful planning and

execution is needed to succeed like a normal business.

Now the part of running an internet home business that I

like the most is that you get to automate most of the tasks

so that not much manual work is required to earn money. For

me an autopilot income is a dream come true.

In a nutshell the following system has worked very well for

me. I choose my niche market, create a squeeze page and

drive targeted traffic to it. Then I capture the names and

email addresses of the visitors and market to them over and

over again using an autoresponder. I rinse and repeat for

each new niche market that I find. Using this methodology

nearly every thing is automated as I build my virtual real


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Source by Mark A. Abrahams