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Statistics of people who graduate from college or university as they followed through their career, Shows that in the next 40-50 years, at the end of their career here is what happens to them:

o 25% would depend on family or friends

o 55% would be dead broke and barely surviving

o 15% would be well off and can meet their needs without outside help

o 5% would be wealthy and Living the lifestyle of their dreams

This is the system we are these contemporary times as concluded market research. This economy is in tatters! Why is this the case? We have a University system that teaches people how to be drone in the workplace! You go to school and get an education, then you get a job and work in the 40- 50 year plan and then you retire and live your golden years depending on the goodwill of other people. What a wonderful concept! Let’s move on. When you work for someone else as an employee your employer or whatever the business enterprise makes all the money off. You live a life of fallacy where you cannot reach your full potential, as your time and energy is been mortgage for the good of your employee. The more time you give your employer determines how much you make. The less time you give your employer the less money you make. You work for 8hrs you get am 8hr pay. For a 4hrs work, you get a 4hr pay. If you are off duty for a day you get nothing. You are in a line of work without security! Without fulfillment. Even if you are a highly paid consultant you are still considered a disposable entity and you are faced with the 3 R’s of Retirement, Recall and Resignation.

So what is the Answer?

There is an industry that is creating more millionaires than any other industry in the world today. It has made more than $50b of sales in the last few years, including products and services with cutting edge technology that is the envy of traditional businesses. What is this industry? Multi Level Network Marketing. Before you roll your eyes and ask these questions. “Oh!   MLM  again” Just think about this “Am I completely contented with my  lifestyle , and does it afford me the opportunity to leverage on my income to satisfy my needs. If the answer is NO then you need to take a serious look at yourself and grab the opportunity to forge ahead.

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Source by Raymond Oseyomon