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To succeed in network marketing it takes consistent, hard work. Anyone who is prepared to do this will succeed. The reason why most do not is because they don’t approach the business realistically. It is not enough to believe in network marketing. It’s not enough to feel that you can succeed in it. Beliefs and feelings need to be strong enough to sustain us during those hard times. Which will come. Everyone goes through the tough times. Your top distributor suddenly decides to join another company. and takes with him half his downline. Your customers are not ordering as much. Your company has run out of a new product and your customers are canceling their orders. Anything could happen.

The fact is that we can only get through those tough times if we have a real big WHY. Why are we doing the business? What is it we hope to accomplish? What are our dreams? In a word, WHY do you want to be successful? Is it to have more free time so you can spend it with your family? Is it to get your children through university? Is it so you can be your own boss? Why??? Before you even join your company, write down why and what you want from network marketing.

Once the reason is crystal clear in your head, you are unlikely to get discouraged when the going gets tough. Whenever you feel dejected or disappointed, just read the notes you have written to remind yourself why you’re doing the business. Our why is like a cheerleader encouraging us to keep the faith. It keep us sane, focused and determined.

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Source by Duncan Sequeira