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“Luck is the residue of hard work” – Mark Poulson


It is amazing to me how easy it has become to confuse the “work” of actually making money in your network marketing business with being busy.

The “average” person thinks that those who achieve the best results in life are lucky. They think that the successful few are some how blessed that makes them different than everybody else.

When I read the quote about I think about creating my own luck. How can I position myself to be lucky in my business? What the average person thinks about being successful is typical totally different than what it actually takes.

The first step to creating luck in your network marketing business is understanding the basics of operating your business. In simple terms, how do you make money? To be successful in network marketing you need to be able to do three basic things:

1. Generate enough leads to figure out how many people you need to talk in order to sponsor one person.

2. How to walk people through a qualification process to see if they qualify for your business.

3. Collect a decision.

The second step in creating luck is speed. We are all naturally taught to work slow. Few people preach the message of getting task done fast. You can drastically speed up the pace of your success if you focus on the fast way to get the results. Sometimes you have to remove speed bumps that get in your way. Examples of speed bumps are limiting beliefs, drawing conclusion based on your own thinking, friends who tear you down, lack of information to figure out what you need to know. When I started in business I focused too much on how much something cost opposed to pay for information to learn the fastest and best way to accomplish my goals.

The last step in creating luck is work! Simply work everyday and show up! So many people lose all momentum after a short period of time. While if they would have just consistently worked they would have reached the success they desired in their network marketing business.

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Source by John T.S. Murphy