Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Even before you sponsor a person in your  MLM  business opportunity, you must confidently display your leadership ability. Don’t waste this time blabbing about compensation plans or replicated websites or heavy hitters or volume incentives. Instead, listen to their story. Assess their skills and interests, and then map out a simple, profitable, turnkey business-building plan that many have followed to a successful career with your company.

Let your qualified prospect or new person know that as a network marketing leader, THEY will be doing exactly what you are doing … they are getting a lesson in leadership right now … what to do and what not to do. You will give them a checklist they can follow with their own downline. The question everyone has is, “Can I do this?” So it’s important to go over with them step-by-step how they will find prospects. So I always begin with a tested, proven lead generation system.

It’s important to keep their workload light and focused. Start them only with stuff they absolutely can do:

1. Listen to an online training audio.

2. Watch an internet product presentation video.

3. Listen in on your 8 pm upline productivity conference call.

4. etc.

What works is to give them a single assignment. Ask them when they will have listened to the 1-hour audio. Then reaffirm that they absolutely will have completed the training assignment by (date). Then make an appointment. Is it OK if you call them the following day to answer any questions and talk about their next step? Get their agreement.

After 2 or 3 short, easy steps like this, maybe you’ll realize that this person is capable of doing larger assignments. Maybe not. But you’ll have an early evaluation of the ability and commitment of your prospect or new associate to achieve success with your  MLM  income opportunity. That’s what an  MLM  leader does.

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Source by Richard Dennis