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The Internet. You heard this term almost everyday without fail. It has became one of the most influential business innovation in history, as described by Robert G Allen in his “Multiple Stream of Income” book. The number of people in recent years trying to start their home based internet business are increasing at an exponential rate. Is it really possible to stay at home and be profitable?

YES! It can be done. There are so many successful stories on people who had made their fortune online by starting their home based business. BUT, for every success story, there will be at least nine other failure stories. This is the cold hard truth. Majority of the people who tried to start their internet business will fail. Why?

That is because many people have false expectations. They think that starting an internet business is easy. All you need to do is have a website with a sales letter and you will make money online the next very day. Come on, my friend, wake up your idea! If you think that is the case, I promise you 100% that you will fail in your business.

You need to ask yourself this question:

“If I did not make any money in my home based internet business within 3 to 6 months, would I give up?”

If your answer is no. Then you are one of those rare breeds. The fact is, I had encounter so many people who gave up. They got out of their so-called “internet business”, lost some money and think that the whole process is a scam.

Most of the cases,the business doesn’t work out not because it is a scam, but because they didn’t give their business more time. Multi-million business are not built within 6 months. Most traditional businesses took at least 2 years before they can make any real profits. So what makes you think that starting an internet business is fast and profitable? Online business and traditional brick-and-mortar business are no different at all. It is just that one uses the Internet as a platform to do the business.

So, you will fail in your home based internet business if you have false expectations. You need to look far and think far. If you are still thinking of starting your own internet business now, go ahead and do it. But give it enough time to see results. Give yourself at least one year before you really throw the towel. But I can assure you, if you stick long enough and do the right stuffs, you will see results!

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Source by Alex Yeo