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There are three very different types of women in the network marketing or home based business industry. Do you know what they are? Better yet do you know who YOU are? If not keep on reading to find out.

The Dreamers

The dreamers make up a lot of the network marketing industry and the truth is they aren’t limited to women. The dreamers are the people who say they want success but aren’t really ever going to go after it full force. Most dreamers will attend meetings and conference calls but they lack the courage or confidence to take their business to the next level. It’s sad because the dreamers could have an amazing future working from home but it is their fear and their self doubt that hold them back.

You have to watch out for the dreamers too because they have a tendency to bring people down with them. Once you’ve seen one dreamer you’ve seen them all and they’ll become very easy to spot. A whole lot of talking and pretty much zero action.

The Workers

The workers are women who work outside the home. They’re use to dealing with the business world and they’re savvy. The workers know what it takes to succeed in business and they’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. They’re usually motivated by nice things like big homes, fancy cars and designer clothes. A worker is someone to be watched because they’re going places.

They might seem like a dreamer at times but the difference is they’re actually doing the work to back up their claims.

The Moms

The moms make up everything that is awesome about working from home. They’re able to build a business, keep up with their friends and be a great mom all at the same time.

The difference between a dreamer and a mom is that they, like the workers, won’t stop until they see their dreams become reality. They have a great “why” in their children and they’ll do anything they can to provide a great life for them. If you’ve got a hard working mom on your hands watch out!

So there are the three different types of women in  MLM  which one are you?

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Source by Dan T Himes