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Muti-level marketing first started as a product oriented business. I can still remember the 1st time I was involved in  MLM  in year 2002. When most people already heard about  MLM  and the negative aspects of it but still there are thousand of people still doing it!

You have heard thousands of people making lots of money from  MLM  alone but realized why aren’t I one of them? What makes you different from them? What did they do to be so successful in the business?

The No.1 problem in this industry that most people drop out is due to rejections! You get rejections day after day promoting and following what your mentors have taught you but seem to want to give up as days pass by.

You also face problems people telling you the product can be bought at a much cheaper price out there in the market or why should I trust this X brand of yours? To proof your prospects you end up become the pro-summer of your products. You basically buy the products to show your customers how great your product has benefited you.

Then came another problem, you loved the product so much but your friends and prospects felt there is no need for such a product, or cannot afford it. Most people will face this problem when they try to hard sell the product rather then education them about the benefits of using your product.

So why do  MLM  business now when there are so many problems?

The Internet! It has opened doors to everyone that no one thought possible back then. There are two reason for this.

First, the average person normally does not have a huge circle of network to start with in the business. So, what the internet can help you with this problem, you can widen your network with the power of the internet. Tapping to a network of more then 4 Billion people online and still increasing everyday.

Second reason, it is now possible to offer items which there is a real need for, online education, for example. Further more there are tools online you can use to find that demand and sell that product they need to much to them so easily then before.

Here are the lists of benefits of doing the Internet way of  MLM :

1. No high capital involved (possible to be free even)

2. No inventory (sell information)

3. No delivery problems (digital delivery)

4. Reach your target audience who are interested (niche marketing)

5. You don’t have to market the product (get your own 24/7 website salesman)

6. No long list of contact numbers to call (automatic email followups)

And much much more…

So as you can see, the  MLM  industry has changed so much in a way. It more logical to do an internet based business now as it’s so easily done so with little effort involved.

The myth about network marketing is dead?

Is it dead? Not even close. I have been marketing my online business for these few months and yet I still have signs ups and enquiries that people want to find out about my online business.

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Source by Alvin Phang