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Why can’t we undergo the aging process successfully? Is the grim reality of deterioration associated with aging inevitable? Must we waste away as we grow older? Most of us are convinced that frailty and senility are the consequences of aging, over which we have little control. We do see frail and weak elderly persons all around us.

Do not loose hope. Mounting scientific evidence suggests that successful aging is indeed possible. In a series of study over the past 50 years hundreds of men from the age 20 to ninety were subjected to various tests. The tests were done to assess the metabolic, hormonal, immune, and mental changes that occur with age. The results have shown that healthy older individuals can have cardiovascular systems and memories as functional as those of much younger people.

Decades of research on longevity and anti aging have concluded that disease is not an inevitable by-product of the natural aging process. The human aging process varies greatly from one individual to another and even in the same person, different organs and bodily systems can age at varying rates. The genetics of the person, his lifestyle and various disease he is afflicted with affect the rate at which a person ages.

We need not get weaker and fatter as we grow old. The loss of strength and the wasting away of muscle tissue in exchange for fat can often due to lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, not the aging process itself. By embarking upon proper weight training programs, we can build ample muscle mass and boost our metabolism.

Smoking, body mass index, and exercise patterns in midlife and late adulthood are the predictors of subsequent age related maladies that one may experience. Not only do persons with better health habits survive longer but disability is postponed and is confined into fewer years at the end of life.

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Source by Andy Kahn