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In November 2005, I came online with a dream to make a living working from home. Now if you’re reading this article chances are that you involved and struggling with your  MLM  company. Or you looking around and finding out if  MLM  industry is where it’s at. I’ve got news for you: You are not alone in that.

When you have a look at practically each single metric that measures the levels of success in  MLM  businesses, one fact stands out obviously: 97% of all MLMers are struggling big time. Now to be fair, there are a number of folks that are registered as distributors who are not actively building the business.

However, on the other hand you also need to factor in the top earnings earners skew the averages upwards. So how does one achieve internet promotion success? It’s easy.

If you would like to earn a better than average earnings, you have to do what the greater than average leaders do. Here are four (4) tips you may implement if you need be a better than average distributor and achieve success in internet marketing.

You must also continually be following up with people you have exposed during the past to your products and business venture. The average person goes to conferences, gets on meeting calls but talks to no-one about their business. You can’t grow a massive organization and a huge paycheck if you are not chatting to any one about your business.

You should commit to private development and self improvement. However, if you do not have the right philosophies and the right angle you can never build a long-term successful internet marketing business.

You need to plug your team into a definite system that is ready to copy without your participation. You may be the best recruiter and the best product seller in the globe. However, if your team can’t do what you do, you may always have to consistently bring in new folks to earn income.

No-one will stick around long enough because no-one will be ready to copy your success. Internet promotion is a relationship and a folks to folks business. You can start a McDonald’s franchise and not eat McDonald’s.

You may then question why you will not sign anyone up or why no-one in your organization sticks around. They don’t give themselves sufficient time to achieve success. Studies done by Brian Tracy and other success pros have discovered that it takes seven years to become good at something. For the few that do, they generally have done seven different deals by that point.

I have done more than seven deals over the last 3 years until I finally figured it out. I now work full time from home around the schedules of my kids. I can just plug you into the same system that I use. BUT this will for you ONLY when you are willing to take action.

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