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Network marketing is when you talk about a product, service or idea with the intention of conveying your message to a person so that they will have the same belief in that product, service or idea. It is basically selling that product, service or idea to people you know (network). It is done on a daily basis between parents and children, children and parents, friends and associates, co-workers etc…Say you go to a restaurant and have a fantastic meal. The next day you go into work and rant and rave about how you found this great restaurant. You have just sold this restaurant to everyone you told, however the restaurant didn’t pay you a penny for doing that…It is called word of mouth advertising (network marketing). Several great companies realized that if they paid people for this it was cheaper than TV, Magazine and other Media advertising. It worked better also. Some of these were,Mary Kay, Tupperware, Fuller Brush, Watkins, Avon,,etc…These companies had a product to sell and wanted to pay people for their efforts in talking about the products they loved…

This getting paid for word of mouth advertising (network marketing) evolved into Multi Level Marketing. Companies started realizing that the more people they had selling their products by word of mouth the bigger they could be. So they started developing multi levels so that not only would you get paid for selling the product but you would also get paid on how many people you hired…They just eliminated not only their advertising budget but their sales department and human resources department. Pretty smart…

Over time though, as these companies grew, it got harder and harder to just sell product. So another evolution took place…Lets sell kits and conventions and other things that we can sell to make money on the people selling the product for us…So some (not all) began selling their pay plans and multi levels and not their products…”in just six month you can be quadruple silver star just like me”…They began selling how you could make money by just bringing people on board and lost sight of the products they were selling..

That brings us to today. There are a few companies out there that are Network Marketing Companies with levels of advancement. There are more out there that are Multi Level Marketing companies. Most do have good products…I have found that a true network marketing company will not require any more of your time are money than you are willing to give. They will not push you to sell their product that is up to you. It doesn’t cost them anything if you don’t work. You can actually sell more than one product because they are not worried about losing your downline…These are the companies I personally recommend, but that is because I can sell a product I believe in. I can’t sell a promise in the future.

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Source by Paul Blann