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A lot of people have jumped on the direct sales bandwagon with the cutting-edge industry slated to grow multi-fold in the coming years. In this dexterous marketing channel, people can just about sell anything under the sun and reap rich rewards. Though to novices Multi- Level Marketing or  MLM  and direct selling may convey the same meaning; there are vast and notable differences between the two.

Multi-Level Marketing involves continuously inducting new associates in the business and ensuring they do their business right because your revenue is based on the number of people you directly and indirectly recruit and the products or services sold by them. Thus you have lesser control on your income than in direct sales where only you determine the financial outcome of your business minus all meddlesome external factors. Direct selling involves an upfront deal where all other supply channels are eliminated. It’s only you and the customer and you get an instant direct commission based on what you’ve sold. A large upfront commission can be a huge motivating factor and can propel you to achieve more results for immediate gain.

The results of direct selling are immediate compared to  MLM  where you earn a fraction of your commission initially, the majority of it obviously going to the people who recruited you in the business. In the coming months your earnings will be decided by the business activity of the associates inducted by you. Thus the revenue in direct selling is more lucrative and immediate with only you and the manufacturer sharing the profits without involving an entourage to be paid at all levels. If you have just started out in  MLM  and need income quickly, keep in mind that there is just no way you are going to get it unless you can boast of a sizable team below you.

The new internet direct sales model breeds a more sophisticated and streamlined business structure where the entire world is your playground. High-end marketing strategies and a feature-rich technology ensure you earn generous commissions by directly addressing the needs of your target audience and accepting and delivering orders quickly, efficiently and professionally. Lead generation has become exceedingly simple thorough community forums, blogs, auto responders and social networking sites. You no longer have to run behind your prospects. The medium automatically ascertains that with the proper application of technology you have a focussed customer group directed to your business.

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Source by Anthony Busciglio