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So there you are in your home …the sun is shinning, the birds are singing…it’s the most beautiful day and the mail arrives. You get up from your nap just to see the smiling face of your neighbourhood postman coming up your front path delivering the mail. He arrives at the door with a good day and hands you your mail. (Can you feel the anticipation happening here?). You nervously shuffle through the bundle when finally you reach the piece of mail you have been waiting for….for years.the postcards! But..not just any postcards….the  MLM  recruiting postcards. YES ..they have arrived! Eureka!!

You jump up and down because you have been waiting and hoping for years someone…just someone would send you  MLM  recruiting postcards because once you receive know….YOU KNOW…your opportunity has arrived and you can begin your journey to network marketing riches and freedom. After all…this is the most effective way to recruit people isn’t it? Send them  MLM  recruiting postcards. If someone would only send me a postcard.


The reality is ladies and gentlemen is that the ways of the past are gone gone gone. I was reading a great book the other day which talks about the things that have revolutionized the way life as we know it becomes drastically changed. In the 20th century it was the automobile and in the 21st century it is the internet. And the message was loud and clear..the internet is and will drastically change the way our life’s function both personally and functionally. Things are changing or even more appropriately Do you really think with this transformation happening that  MLM  recruiting postcards will work and be effective….let alone time efficient.

It’s amazing though how we fight change as a society. How we fight it. I remember a few years ago being at an awesome network marketing training session where the likes of industry legend Randy Gage and Randy Schroeder were speaking. The event was a full weekend and it was incredible information but not once did they speak about  MLM  recruiting postcards. Well after the session was over…I followed up a week later with one of my team members who was at the event and I asked them how they were doing? The answer: “Great…i just sent out 100 postcards to my family and friends telling them about the opportunity..blah blah blah” I nearly fell off my chair. After a full weekend with industry legends…telling this person exactly how to do it in the “new world”..they still went back to what they were most comfortable with… MLM  recruiting postcards.

And guess what…2 months later…this person was heard saying..”This doesn’t work..I sent out 100  MLM  recruiting postcards and no one one! Duh…well what did they expect? A 100 signups? The times are changing and the internet is driving the change. (Which is an other topic on itself) but suffice it to say….LEARN how to do network marketing on the internet. It will revolutionize the way you do business! Trust me..I have and my life has changed.

Here’s to your success!

Rivers Corbett

Co-Founder  MLM  Outlaws

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