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Multi-Level Marketing ( MLM ) also known as Network Marketing, is a marketing system that will allow a parent company to market their products or services by selling them directly through referrals and direct selling of their affiliated companies. These affiliated companies will independently represent the parent company. They will also create a downline (groups of sub-representatives) to build a multi-level marketing structure that will strengthen the parent company’s sales.

In return for their efforts, these independent representatives will receive commissions on the sales they make and will also earn a portion of the commissions of their recruited sub-representatives.

Advantages of Using  MLM 

– Low barriers to entry – a low-cost investment that anyone with the right connections and good public relation skills can enter the business.

– A pre-existing business to work with – no more worries with the hassle of manufacturing a product or doing a service, as well as shipments and business plans.

– Can be done at home – no need for an office, all you need is a list of contacts and a computer at home.

– Flexible working hours – does not require a whole lot of working time just as long as you meet your requirements and keep your recruits well-driven.

– Leveraged income – you will have continuous income not only from your marketing efforts, but from the efforts of your downline as well.

Tips for a Successful  MLM  Program

– Organize your program

In order for your network marketing program to work, you will have to be organized. You will have to start off by stating what your vision for your  MLM  business is. You will also need to forecast the means of getting your target outcome done Make sure that you monitor your program periodically to see if what needs to be done is in fact, done. Finally, keep records of your program and change what needs changing in order to maintain a quality program.

– Find quality prospects (clients and sub-representatives)

One word: promotion. Promoting is the key in getting sales as well as building a downline. Do not be afraid of putting up ads that you need independent sub-representatives for your  MLM  program. You can do this by e-mailing potential recruits or through ads. With the right marketing strategies, you will be able to increase your sales and create a quality down-line that will earn you lots of money.

– Motivate your downline

The motivation of your downline rests on how well you train your sub-representatives. You will have to create a system in which your downline can easily follow. You should also communicate with them periodically, following-up their performances. You can also use the “reward system” by praising them in your monthly newsletter or a material reward for their hard work. And of course, treat your sub-representatives with respect. A good sponsor-sub-representative relationship is always a plus in motivating your downline.

– Do your part as an independent representative

You are yourself, an independent representative of a parent company. Meet your requirements as well. Do not rely on your downline to do the earning for you. Be the best marketer you can be and set a good example to your sub-representatives.

In network marketing, it is important that you are well-motivated and a hard-worker. Always remember that your success lies on your credibility. So create value for your business and make your multi-level marketing program a success.

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Source by Daegan Smith