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Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are the most well-known eating disorders. Anorexia is found most frequently in young females between 15 and 30. Weight loss is the most visible sign of anorexia but there are many more. When a person is not clearly underweight then he or she is not considered to be anorexic in medical terms.

In today’s society where celebrities and super models define the trends, it is is often misunderstood that many young people follow these trends with blind trust and admiration. There is no doubt that the current ideal is a slim body shape. Maintaining a healthy slim body weight is without question one of the best goals young people can have.

With the support of the media, the picture of the ideal body has shifted even more to a super slim body recently to a degree where it becomes dangerous. Eating habits are established which lead to serious eating disorders, malnutrition, starving and even death.

The ideal becomes obsession and with it comes the loose of control. While dieting being thin or admiring thin people is nothing bad, the anorexic person has already established a mental disorder which has taken control over her. An anorexic individual still believes to have control over eating habits and their life in general, but the opposite is true.

The wish to loose weight has become a life of its own. Although underweight the person continues to diet. The person still feels fat and overweight for reasons which can not be explained by facts anymore but with emotions only. The person has lost control and lives in a fictitious world.

Serious malnutrition is the consequence and if not treated then the person faces physical harm and even death. Anorexia nervosa has a high mortality rate with almost 10%.

Anorexia nervosa is a mental illness and has nothing to do with healthy dieting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle anymore. Eating healthy, losing overweight, shaping the body can have very positive effects on our self image and self confidence. In addition we receive positive feedback from our friends and family.

It is important to keep the primary goal in mind, living healthy and enjoy life. Do not follow false ideals which lead nowhere but to illness and misfortune. Learn as much as you can about eating disorders to know the differences. Educate yourself instead of listening to others. There is nothing wrong in trying to achieve a slim, aesthetic body. But an anorexic body is.

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Source by Dollie Pagani