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If you’ve been to any MLM training or if you have heard any online, you have probably heard of “posture”. It may have you asking, “What is ‘posture’ in MLM?” In this article, I am going to talk to you more about MLM and how you can use posture to help your business when you use it properly.

If you aren’t sure what you are supposed to do when you are talking to a prospect or how you are supposed to act, you may look nervous and start to give in to the objections of your prospect.

What Posture Means

In the case above, your posture is weak. This means that you are scared and nervous and are not strong in your position of how great your opportunity is. If you do not believe in your opportunity, then how is your prospect supposed to believe in the opportunity? It’s not going to happen.

A good example of posture is when your prospect starts giving you all of their objections and you are able to deal with those objections. When I say, “deal with objections” I mean that you do not agree with them about those objections and look like a deer in headlights but you give them solutions to the challenge. You do not want to be mean about it and make your prospect irritated with you but you do not want to be weak in your answer.

In short, posture is your attitude and you need to make sure that you have a good attitude, a positive attitude and act like a leader. People want to work with a leader that has posture so make sure that your story more on this topic.

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Source by Jessica Lauren Vine