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Attraction marketing methods help you to find the right kind of customers and business partners that you really most want to work with. Here are 10 top signs that you’ve found a great prospect!

1.  They’re in business for themselves already.

Experienced entrepreneurs are go-getters. They understand the ups and downs of building a business and have realistic expectations. They know the importance of investing time and resources now for long-term results. You want to work with these people!

2.  They’re connected (have a big network)

People who are connected have an easier time in business. The reason they’re connected is because they’ve put themselves out there, been proactive, stepped into leadership opportunities, and have great people skills. These are great potential business partners for you.

3. They’re entrepreneurial

Simply by already being an entrepreneur, these folks are by default interested in personal growth and freedom. You won’t be starting at ground zero in building these people’s vision for what they can be, do, and have. You want to work with these people! They’ve already done the personal growth required to be successful in any endeavor.

4.  They’re self-starters

Oh, we love self-starters! Successful business people need this quality. Nobody’s standing over your shoulder when you’re self-employed. It takes inner fortitude to keep yourself going. If someone already has demonstrated that quality, so much the better!

5.  They’re ambitious

I’ve found that you can’t really teach someone to be ambitious. Either they have big ideas and expectations for themselves or they don’t. I know plenty who don’t, who are happy working to build someone else’s dream. Ambitious folks are already a step ahead in whatever business they choose.

6.  They love people and are enthusiastic about life in general

This is so important! Any business is really a people business — whether it’s partners, customers or clients, vendors, colleagues, prospects — it’s got to be fun and it’s got to reflect your personality and your natural enthusiasm for what you’re doing.

7. They have lots of friends and a healthy social life

Why do people have lots of friends? Because they ARE good friends! These people are outgoing, positive, empathetic, good listeners, strong at follow up and communication, and build genuine relationships. What more could you want in working with someone on your team?

8. They truly seem to appreciate the people in their lives

Appreciation is a key to building any business. No one does it alone, and the more we acknowledge and show appreciation to the people who add value to our lives, the more attractive we become in business and everything else too.

9. They’re involved

Involved people have some of these other characteristics. They build networks, they volunteer, they’re natural leaders, they look to add value to others, they gain the respect of others, and they succeed in every arena in building important connections.

10. They’re leaders

Some leaders are born and some are developed. Leaders are those people who see what needs doing, rally the troops, and get it done. They know the power of collaboration, knowing the right people, and building consensus. These are awesome business partners, especially when you have complementary skills so you’re better together than either is alone.

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Source by Becki Maxson