Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Let me share with you a very simple process for  MLM  prospecting. This is the process that you need to follow and repeat on a daily basis. Then you need to teach your team how to do the same. When you create duplication with this process you will success with  MLM  prospecting.

Lead generation – This is the step in the  MLM  prospecting process that you need to do. In this step you are either going to buy or generate your own  MLM  lead. I always recommend your own  MLM  lead generation if you can do that, which is very simple to learn how to do. If you choose not to generate your own  MLM  leads then you will need to buy your  MLM  leads. Without  MLM  leads then you will have no one to prospect.

Qualification – This is basically where you will qualify your  MLM  leads for your time and for your business. You are not looking for everyone and their brother to join you in your business, only the right person. This step can either be done on the phone with a quick 3 minute conversation or through email by sending the series of emails that either peak the persons interest or motivate them to unsubscribe.

Presentation – Here you want to present your business opportunity to the  MLM  prospect. This can be automated or you do it yourself. I always recommend you use some sort of automation in this process. You can be using a flash video or movie to do this or even a recorded teleconference call. Often you may even be able to have your prospect attend a live overview call of your business opportunity.

Collect the decision – After your prospect has attended a presentation for your business opportunity then you need to follow up and collect a decision from them. This really is a simple step to go through. People have made this out to be more difficult than it needs to be. All you need to do is follow up with your prospect and either they are interested I your business opportunity or they are not. You are only looking for those people that are interested in working with you in your business opportunity. Leave those that are not.

Following up – You may need to be following up with your prospects at times as well. This follow ups will be done with your prospects that are interested but may require you to call back the next day or week or so because of certain circumstances. You want to keep up with these prospects as well.

So really as you see this is a simple process for  MLM  prospecting and when you just leave it to be simple you business will be much more enjoyable to build. The more difficult you want to make it out to be then the harder it will be. So just keep it simple and your business will be simple. This business really is simple when it comes down to keeping the basics.

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Source by Colin Meunier